FSO Forex Trading System

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FSO Forex Trading System

FSO System, is an abbreviation of Fractal Stochastic Oscillator. The use of this system is to buy when the fractal Appears and Oscillator is at level 20. Sell if the fractal Appears and Oscillator is at level 80. Perform Exit / Take Profit 1-20 pips or if there is a signal change direction

FSO System, short for Fractal Stochastich Osilator. The way of use of this system is as follows:

Currency / Pair: All
Time Frame: 15M (please try in other Time Frame)
Indicator: Fractal Stochastich Oscillator 14,3,3 – MA Method Simple – Field Close

Please Note Picture below:

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FSO Forex Trading System

Entry BUY: Fractal Appears and Oscillator is at level 20
Entry SELL: Fractal Appears and Oscillator is at level 80
Exit / Take Profit: 1-20 pips / If any signal changes or reverses direction

Keep in mind, in forex there is no one strategy that is better than other strategies. All strategies are basically good, especially if we are disciplined in using predefined rules. To learn a strategy, make sure you’ve tried it on the account demo until you really feel comfortable before using it in your live account. This is done to reduce potential loss because of our lack of knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies we use.

There are many trading systems that can use to determine open and close positions in forex. This time we will discuss about a simple technical system called FSO System. FSO System itself stands for Fractal Stochastich Osilator

Happy trading and hope you got some nice pips.

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