Forex Trading Tricks For Pair EUR / USD

Forex Trading Tricks For Pair EUR / USD

The best-selling Pour is traded on a daily basis it looks stable. However, there are special tricks to trade EUR / USD.

Currency pair EUR / USD in everyday it does look stable. However, actually if we look closely, the pair is very sensitive to economic news, especially economic news from European countries. For example, Italy, Greece, Germany, and others, as well as any news from the USD of course. Not to mention the news that talks about Nonfarm Payroll, release every first Friday of early month, around 8.30 pm. For that, there are special tricks for trading pair EUR / USD.

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Forex Trading Tricks For Pair EUR USD

The enormity of index movement that I have experienced up to 300 points overnight. USD is also very sensitive to oil prices. So, do not be surprised if this month the US economic news about gas and oil increased or decreased drastically in value, there will be a spike or a devastating decline. We gain as much profit from this movement if we can see from the market movement. I myself prefer to take profit minimalist, between 50 – 100 points.

Suppose the price movement indicates a rise or fall in the currency pair EUR / USD, then I prefer to do buy / sell with take profit 50 – 100 pips. Because every candlestick in EUR / USD the strength of the upside and down of the index is very strong.

This is different if in USD / JPY, where if the market is stable, 50 – 100 pips alone is very difficult, let alone 50 pips. Of course to get profit in USD / JPY this has its own trick to it.

Here’s the trick how to read a market trend on EUR / USD pair:

  1. I am open position using Ichimoku Indicators, Parabolic SAR, Zigzag, and Time Frame 15.
  2. If you look at the picture above, where on the orange Parabolic SAR indicator, indicates an upward trend, ie the trend is down or Bearish.
  3. If the trend is down then we must be smart in taking the position by doing Sell if: The indicator is pointing down, as you can see in the picture above. Candlestick indicator that shows a pressure. So the two signs are always considered, and beware is do not do Sell order back if it has profit 50 – 100 point, before seeing how the direction of stochastic fast.

The nature of the forex is up and down, so in spite of the bullish trend, the rise of the index is not upright, but down slightly, then up again and so on. So this trick is suitable for you who have unlimited internet connection. And you always look at the index charts to get a lot of profit and memorized by the properties of EUR / USD pair.

Be careful if the index line reverses and cuts a trend that you can see on the Ichimoku indicator above. You look at the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator line (colored red), usually will slide down past the histogram bar and that means the downtrend, so we just follow it. If the trend is going up / bullish, then do Buy if stochastic fast shows down and there are two candlesticks pointing down too, with 50 pips just okay.

Better if the distance between Ichimoku kinko hyo and the candlestick index line is far away, then it can be sure the power up and down is very strong. The nature of EUR / USD is also well-known sideway; if it has gone up, it will continue to rise before any new economic news emerges and change direction of the trend movement of the pair.


Do not do order if Ichimoku kinko hyo line leads horizontal, because at that time it can be said risky to do order. So sometimes silence for a moment to ensure a further movement is the best way, that is waiting for news to emerge or a new trend then we must follow it. If you will trade on EUR / USD currency pair, then look at economic news, because the pair is very dependent on the situation and conditions of European countries and the United States, one of them on the Forex Calendar.

Usually the market is very active at 14.00, when the European market is open, and news from Europe is usually between the hours of 14:00 to 22:00. Then catch up from America around 20:00 the market is very active, and ahead of the news from America, be prepared to profit as much as possible by following the movement of a trend. Always try to use 1/20 capital from your initial capital, just in case the price movement reverses.

This article is just as information in sharing experiences not to patronize you, so the best analysis is from your own observations. Because, after all, a trader must have the instinct and understanding of Technical and Fundamental analysis itself is always a consideration.

Greetings and success are always for you. Good luck.

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