This is the reason why you should invest Yen in Forex

This is the reason why you should invest yen in Forex

The forex market is the biggest market in the world with trades reaching trillions of dollars every day. For traders who are just starting trading on the forex market, the first step that can be done is to familiarize yourself with the currency in forex trading. This is because in the world of forex trading there are various types of currencies that can be an option. Plus each currency has different characteristics and values.

This is the reason why you should invest yen in Forex

Yen investment

However, among all types of currencies there are only seven major currencies used by some traders, one of which is Yen. Yen is a currency originating from Japan and is one of the most popular currencies in forex trading. For this time, we will discuss the reasons why investing Yen in forex can be an option that you must take, just look at the explanation below

  • The yen has a very low interest rate. This one currency interest rate is only about 0.1% per year, as of May 2009. Besides that, the Yen interest rate is also very consistent. This is what makes this currency quite popular as the main choice for conducting Currency Carry Traders. The Currency Carry Trader is trading by taking advantage of the interest rate difference from the pair’s currency.

One that is often used for Carry Trade is AUD / JPY pair. The reason is that the Australian dollar (AUD) interest rate is only around 3.5% per year per June 2012, thus giving a quite favorable difference. This is one reason why this pair is one pair that is often the choice to trade in the forex market.

  • Yen is one of the eyes of seven mighty major currencies in forex trading. Although the difference between the Yen and the rupiah is not far in terms of the value that is not so big, but Yen has never experienced a drastic or drastic decline. So the value of Yen has never experienced a significant decline. For this reason Yen is always regarded as a strong currency.
  • Yen has an average movement of around 100 pips per day. Well, from this considerable movement, the profits from the Yen trading will also be greater.
  • Yen is a currency that is good enough to be traded on all time frames.Wanting time frime short or long is all suitable for Yen, especially USD / JPY.But for the problem of the results of trading with various kinds of time frames it also still depends on the strategy used by each trader.
  • The Japanese Yen includes a currency that has a stable value. As we know if the Japanese economy is one of the largest and oldest economies in the world. Japan is a country that always has and produces the most important inventions and innovations in the world. In addition, this country also has a large industry that is equipped with highly trained and educated workers.

Even many financial markets, many of which make Yen as an intermediary currency for the purchase of important assets because they are considered safer.This is one factor that can be said to often encourage Yen or JPY to strengthen.Because of this strengthening, Yen always has a more stable value compared to other currencies and is safer to trade.

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