8 Things Forex Traders Can Imitate From Martial Experts

8 Things Forex Traders Can Imitate From Martial Experts

I really like to analogize a forex trader with a martial arts expert. Every martial arts expert understands very well how it feels to be mentally, physically and emotionally galvanized. Whether it’s from heavy training that almost makes you desperate, loses the match or fails to enter the competition team selection. A martial practitioner must be able to overcome all these challenges on his journey to become a martial arts expert.

It’s not easy. The ability to continue the process even at the toughest times really depends on a person’s mental strength that can only be obtained through years of practice and hard work.

Likewise experienced traders, they know exactly what it’s like to face every risk and try to get up every time they fall. There is no trader who suddenly appears as a trading expert without ever going through the process of learning, practicing and – of course – struggling with market conditions that are often uncertain and stressful.

This time I will invite you to try to see, what habits can we imitate from a martial arts expert to be a formidable trader.

  1. Ability to survive

Giving up is not an option. No matter how exhausting, how painful the process is, it cannot be a barrier between you and your goal. If at any time you feel like giving up, try to think, “How much do I want to succeed? Will I regret if I stop now? ”Even if you can’t answer it, don’t give up. You have almost reached your destination.

  1. Willingness to change

Of course what is meant here is changing to be better. The stronger a person mentally, the easier it will be for them to adapt. Learning new techniques and perfecting techniques that have been mastered is important to be able to move forward. Those who are stubborn and hesitant to learn new things will be left behind.

But keep in mind, the spirit of learning new things does not mean you blindly trust every information you receive. Make sure that the new things that you learn come from competent sources, who are knowledgeable and have a good track record in their fields.

In this forex trading field, it cannot be denied that flight hours greatly affect one’s competence. Why? Because of the experience that shaped it.

  1. Ability to control yourself

One of the items “Karate Oath” reads “able to control yourself”. Karateka – and certainly also other martial arts experts – who have good mentality can always control their emotions in everyday life and in matches. In everyday life, they will not be easily provoked to serve the challenges of a delinquent, because they are aware of the abilities they have, fighting with a delinquent can actually be fatal to the hoodlum.

When in a match, they know exactly what they can and cannot do. By knowing what they cannot do, they will not waste time on that. They will only focus on which opportunities they can really win, instead of forcing themselves to do all the attacks without calculation.

As a forex trader , master your emotions. Do not be easily provoked to take action unless you really believe the chances of success are large enough.

  1. Courage to take risks

At first glance it may conflict with point number 3 above, but it really isn’t. Even taking risks is certainly done with careful calculations. Without careful calculations, it will be ridiculous as a result.

No matter how many match strategies have been trained, it will be useless if the martial arts expert does not dare to make an attack.Likewise in trading. No matter how sophisticated your trading strategy is, it will be useless if you don’t dare to open a transaction based on that strategy.

  1. Ability to  move on 

Not every game can be won, there must be a time to taste defeat. Many people like to dissolve in the past and regret past events, hoping that if they took different steps at that time.

Instead of dissolving in the past, why don’t you focus your mind for the future? Recognizing that you have made a mistake in the past is important, but more importantly if you take lessons from it and prepare to meet the future.

  1. Able to learn from mistakes

This is related to point number 5 above, but “move on” and learn from that mistake are two different things. After acknowledging that you have made a mistake, you must be able to correct the mistake that has been made. Unfortunately, to be able to learn from mistakes, you really need to be able to really “move on” first.

  1. Confidence

One of the outputs of learning martial arts is an increase in confidence.Impossible – at least a small chance – a martial arts athlete can win a match if he is not confident. This confidence can be gained from routine training – and of course serious – for years.

If a trader has practiced with enough time to get enough trading experience, his confidence will be formed. There is no reason not to take the opportunity because of the experience of supporting him to make that decision. However, this level of confidence must be regulated so as not to cause arrogance. This is closely related to point number 3 above.

  1. Able to be patient

The longer you learn martial arts, the more you will realize that patience is key. There are no instant results. All require time and process such as repetition of movement and routine moves, hours of practice, and match training. You won’t stop practicing until you can do it right. Even after that you can’t stop practicing.

Forex trading too. As mentioned earlier, there is no trader who becomes a legend in just one night. Everything needs a process.

Good practice. We will meet at the arena and I hope you will be the champion.

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