Why You Should Try Forex Trading Indonesia?

Why You Should Try Forex Trading Indonesia?

For those of you who like to invest, there are certainly many choices that can be taken into consideration, ranging from stock trading, gold trading, to forex trading. Of the many types of investments, Indonesian online forex trading is still quite popular compared to other types of trading. Are you one of those who are interested in trading this one? If so, then you must read this review until it’s finished!

Ease and Facts Forex Trading Online Indonesia

For ordinary people, forex trading looks similar to a currency exchange business.But the fact that forex trading is more complex again. In addition, by doing forex trading you do not need to bother exchanging money first to buy a currency. All things that you will do in forex trading will be done online and directly.

If you have decided to join online forex trading indonesia, then you simply open an account at the broker you have selected. After that you only need to deposit some funds or capital and you can run this forex trading. In addition, you also have to learn forex trading in order to hone your skills in reading conditions when trading.

FYI, you also have to know that not all currencies in the world will be traded in forex trading. Although there is but only the currency that has high liquidity and often used globally is the choice of traders. Because the liquid eye has a small spread (buying and selling difference), making it faster in obtaining profits. The currency of the state with an advanced and stable economy and has large export-import volumes such as USD dollars, JPY yen (Japan), EUR euro (Europe), as well as XAU gold (Gold) are some examples that are often chosen by the Traders in trading.

The Reasons You Should Try Forex Trading Online Indonesia

Now as a form of support for those of you who are still hesitant to enter forex trading, here are some reasons that can make your interest in Indonesian forex trading even greater:


Compared to other financial markets, the forex market can be said to have the largest volume. Moreover, the forex market also takes place internationally because it is traded globally with participants from all over the world. Total transactions per day in the forex market can reach 5 trillion US dollars. Compare that with the stock market volume in the United States, which only reached US $ 22.5 billion per day. Very much the difference?

  1. OPEN 24 HOURS

For Indonesian time, the forex market lasts 24 hours starting from Monday to Saturday at dawn. The condition of the working hours is very reasonable given the forex market is a global market with trading transactions conducted in several sessions around the world. Starting from the Asian session, the European session to the New York session.

This is one of the advantages of the forex market so that you as a trader can choose trading hours flexibly. In other words, you can use forex trading as a side job or a major job, with free working hours.


As a forex trader, you can enjoy real-time market price display and orders can be executed immediately using the actual price. Under normal market conditions, all orders can be executed instantly but when the market is in an abnormal condition or high volatility then the execution can be slightly disturbed by the factor requote (confirmation of price changes) or slippage due to prices that have shot and changed rapidly from the number of transactions that you message. But overall, the occurrence of buying and selling on the forex market is much faster when compared to other financial markets because of the huge forex liquidity factor.


In Indonesian online forex trading, you will not be restricted in making profits.Forex traders can get profits when the market is up or down (Buy or Sell) . For example, when you feel the price of a currency will rise, you can buy it right away.But when the fact is that your prediction is wrong, then you can sell it at any time.The bottom line in forex trading, you can get money whenever you want. In addition to the basic orders, it can also be combined with other trading transaction variants such as Trailing Stop, Pending Orders, Hedging and others as a technique to gain profits and limit losses.


Unlike the stock market or other financial markets, analysts and brokers in the forex market do not have enough power to make a change and play with prices on the market. They can only be participants or market makers, or analyze movements in the market, but cannot affect the price of the currency. This will certainly reduce the possibility of fraud or price manipulation in the forex market (there is no control monopoly). Unless you are trading on unregulated and non-regulated forex brokers, then it can be tricked by them, therefore choosing the right forex broker company also greatly affects your success.


The extremely high forex market liquidity is supported by the fact that trading players or participants come from all over the world so as to make the forex market very active. Whenever you want to sell or buy currency then this is sure to happen right then and there without having to wait or queue. You can start or end trading with just one step.

Then for the problem of leverage or leverage, you will find that leverage in the forex market is higher than other financial markets. There are leverage ranging from 1: 3 to 1: 400 that each broker can offer depending on their respective policies.

FYI, the existence of this leverage makes you can do forex trading with large amounts even with only a small capital.

So indirectly leverage helps you to get bigger profits. But with high leverage it also makes your trading more risky if it is not controlled properly.


Did you know that in the forex market, every risk of loss can be minimized? This can happen because in every forex trading platform, you can find a feature called Margin Call and Stop Loss or Trailing Stop settings. Automatically when your margin call or stop loss is touched and active, the open position of your trading will be closed automatically so you can avoid big losses.

Can be done anywhere

In addition to the above things, then there is one more thing that makes forex trading is very interesting, which can be done anywhere and anytime, at home, office, cafe, in the park, even to the car or on the way though, using the device Computer or Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, so it is very practical and very flexible.

You can trade when you work, play, or even in the bathroom.Because enough Internet connection is necessary and stable then it can be transacted, which is where the internet hotspot is now easily found, and it is very supportive of Forex Traders, especially for forex trading in Indonesia who are already internet literate.

Well how do you think? Are the reviews above enough to get you into Indonesian Online Forex Trading?

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