Which Pain: Toothache with Forex Trading Loss?

Which Pain: Toothache with Forex Trading Loss?

Which Pain Between Toothache and Loss in Forex Trading?

Toothache is a disaster. That’s what people say, because I have never felt a toothache … 

Doing anything is disturbed. Being angry quickly when disturbed by others. The head is also involved, and so on.

What about losing money in forex trading ? It’s just as sick … It’s just a different place. If the tooth hurts in the teeth while the loss in forex trading is sick here (pointing to the heart … hahaha …). Yes it’s true. Pain in a diseased physical tooth while a loss in psychic forex trading is sick. So what’s the pain?

His name is also sick, so we have to undergo treatment, if a toothache must go to the dentist. What about getting sick from loss in forex? There are several things that can be done.

  1. Evaluate your trading system .
    You must evaluate what causes you to lose. Is the way to do a price analysis that is not correct that affects floating loss to stop loss or autocut or because of excessive emotions?
    If the answer is how to analyze, this means you have to upgrade how to do a price analysis. It could be because the indicator that is not in accordance with your trading style, uses too many indicators that actually cause you to be confused about making a decision or maybe choosing a time scale that is not right with your trading style.
    Trading style? Yes the trading style of each trader is different which causes a good indicator for other traders is not necessarily good for you. So recognize your trading style and choose the appropriate indicator.
    Emotion is also important to note. To become a successful trader, you must be able to control emotions, must have patience to find the right moment for entry to the market and get out of the market.
  2. Prepare your trading plan and capital management.
    Yes … this is also important. You have to arrange it according to the capital you have, do not let you overtrade. Also determine how much profit you will take in one entry and how many losses will be at stake. And remember !!! You have to be really disciplined in running it.

These 2 things are the most important as your medicine. Don’t be complacent, keep upgrading your knowledge. You can search forex tutorials on the internet or you can duplicate your friend’s trading system.

Then … Which pain?

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