When Forex Trading Starts Entering Your Life

When Forex Trading Starts Entering Your Life

This time I want to just take a light theme. Forex traders do not have to frown every day because they only think about forex trading strategies. Every now and then we discuss topics that are relaxed. Intermezzo only. Can you?

How long have you been trading? A week? A month? A year? More? What have you been or are you feeling now?

I want to share my experience from the beginning of my trading in 2005. There are several phases when forex trading starts to enter my life. You might also experience it.

Phase 1: Up to the first four months

In this phase, you feel very excited. Usually, in this phase you can get the benefits of trading with relatively easy (weird?). Even weekends are a sad time, because on Saturday and Sunday the market closes. That means there is no pips on the two days, which means there is no dollar going into your account. If there is a message saying “I hate Mondays”, instead you have the jargon “I hate weekends”. As soon as Monday arrives, you wake up early with a radiant face. Ready to rumble!

Phase 2: A few months later …

Now, in contrast to the first phase, in this phase usually losses after losses begin to approach. Usually also, beginner traders (including me first) start “diligently” using locking . This might also be called the “dizzy seven” phase.

Because locking losses usually continue for days (even months), they are usually carried away in dreams. You might wake up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream, seeing that locking has suddenly opened but the minus is getting bigger. Or even when you just close your eyes when you are going to sleep, what you see in your eyelids is a running price . 1.0334 … 1.0330 … 1.0300 … 1.0100 … “How come, how come … how come it’s getting down? There’s still a buy on top …! “Finally, I didn’t sleep, went back to the computer desk and glared at the chart.

In this phase, usually the eyes will be more swollen than usual. The face can become even paler, as if bearing a very heavy burden of life.

Oh yes, in this phase someone will usually become more religious. He will pray more to God, and his prayers are more intense when he loses .Especially those who happen to manage other people’s capital. If necessary, cry the bomb . 🙂

Phase 3: To be or not to be

This phase determines the future of one’s trading career. Whether he stopped, or continued. If it stops, it is usually because of a curse or indeed the money has run out. If you continue, usually because he is still curious to succeed in the world of forex trading , or because he has already received adequate “knowledge”. The point is learning better.

If it stops, yes, the story ends here. If it continues, it means entering the next phase.

Phase 4: Show must go on

In this phase there are two types of traders: ignorant traders, and those who have learned. If it’s an ignorant type, he continues his forex trading because he is curious and there are still many “more money”. We don’t need to discuss this type.

As for the “well-educated trader” group, he feels he has become a trader because he has learned a lot. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time trader, just a trader. In this phase, you have not talked too much about trading with non-traders, except when asked.

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