What is the potential of the Forex market

What is the percentage of profits in forex market? Let’s count the percentage. The answer is unlimited. Yes, you can earn tens or even hundreds of percent in a month. But forex also has a very big risk. So the comparison between losses and profits is almost the same. In principle, forex trading is a business that is High Risk-High Return.

What is the potential of the Forex market

Actually, if you trade forex traditionally, in the sense of buying a currency and storing it in a bank safe. The potential loss can be said to be small, but the profits are also as small. But in online forex trading, you can limit losses and increase profits with a percentage of 90% profit and a loss of only 10%. But with a note that you have to know what the forex market is like.

Why is the potential for forex online trading huge? 

That’s because of leverage. With Leverage, $ 100 capital can get a profit of $ 1,000. In the next material in the upper class, you will learn what leverage is, but beforehand you have to study other materials first.

Well, now you might have been tempted by the potential benefits promised by Forex trading which is very large with the leverage facility. But you also need to know, the potential profits are the same as the potential losses that are equal in size. The point is that Forex Risk Reward has a ratio that is equally large as well. Forex can make you rich overnight, but forex can also destroy and destroy your life overnight. So, therefore we come with material that will give you an understanding of the forex market. Not intending to patronize, but want to tell you. That learning in the forex market is very important before you go directly into the world of financial markets. 

This article is only a distraction and also as a reminder and important point. Indeed, forex has an unlimited percentage of profits. But if we want and really learn about what forex is. An important point for success in the financial market is learning and learning, if you are lazy, it breaks you, even your life.


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