What is the most accurate time frame for forex scalping

What is the most accurate time frame for forex scalping


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Time frame is one of the important factors in forex trading, especially forex scalping, its existence is always a concern because it has an important role in providing accurate results. Without understanding the time frame well, a forex scalper will experience confusion, especially in seeing the current trend.

What is the most accurate time frame for forex trading, especially forex scalping techniques that are favored by beginners? This question appears a lot among scalping traders because they want to find the best trading formula.

Why does metatrader always display charts that are divided into several time frames or time frames? This is also a frequently asked question.

To answer some of these questions, JurnalForex would like to discuss this, especially regarding the best time frame for scalping.

Time Frame Example

When you open the metatrader platform for the first time, it automatically sees the graphs displayed in a certain time frame. A graph cannot be displayed without loading a time frame because it is an inseparable unit.

To display the time frame menu in metatrader, you can click the View menu> toolbar> time frame.

In every reading of trend movements, a trader will definitely monitor it in a certain time frame. Because it often happens that the H1 time frame experiences an uptrend but on D1 it experiences a downtrend. This is very natural and a trader must understand this.

Beginner Traders Usually Play Scalping

Although scalping techniques have a higher risk, many novice traders are interested in using this technique. The main reason that is often given is the short time to take advantage and being able to play many times in one day. Seeing this condition, knowing what time frame is the most accurate for scalping is very important. Because the main factor in scalping is on what time frame the trader must play.

This understanding needs to be explored because as a beginner it usually takes time to understand the difference between the M15, H1, and other time frames. It is even possible to experience confusion in choosing the ideal time frame for scalping trading.

Moreover, if each time frame experiences a different trend, the first confusion is which time frame is the most accurate and must be followed.

As a scalper, you should understand this before trading scalping with a real account. Because the first profit does not necessarily provide sustainable profits, without the basis of a good trading system and understanding the time frame perfectly it will be difficult to achieve consistent profits.

Accurate Time Frame For Scalping

After that, JurnalForex opened this discussion through examples of the form of time frames and the phenomenon that novice traders are more likely to do scalping. So the next description that needs to be explained now is at what time frame usually scalping can be done accurately.

Given that scalping strategy require fast time to read movements and execute and can take signals many times in one day. So it takes a short time frame because then the oversold and overbought areas are reached more quickly.

However, the direction of the trend in the short time frame is strongly influenced by the movement of the long term time frame. So traders must be smart to read movements from various time frames.

In answer to the question of what time frame is accurate for forex scalping strategies. Seeing the need for signal speed, a scalper will use M5, M15, and M30 time frames. With that time frame, scalpers have enough data to buy and sell.

In the scalping technique, traders usually only take a maximum profit of 10 pips and immediately exit if the target has been reached and then wait for the signal to return to sell or buy.

This technique has advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, scalping techniques can provide fast and large profits if done repeatedly. However, as a risk, because it is often in and out of the market is a loss that gets bigger if not done carefully.

However, every trading technique, be it scalping, daily, or swing can provide consistent profits. The thing that needs to be done is to master the trading system well and read the trend of each time frame.

Those were some discussions about accurate time frames for forex scalping. This information is used as a basis for understanding a good time frame position for scalping. Hopefully, the information can increase knowledge as a beginner in building a trading system.

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