Watch This It’s The Competitor Forex Trading Business

Watch This It’s The Competitor Forex Trading Business

Forex business is practically the most desirable business. More than ten years, forex to be excellent of trading. Lots of people who prefer forex than other commodities. But over time, starting a new business that could be competing forex. For example like business binary option or binary option. Binary options are a new way of making money by purchasing contracts from an asset and will gain an expiry date.

In this instrument there are only two possibilities, namely up and down. This means you can choose whether the price will go down or rise when the contract expires. The bottom line is that the advantages of the binary option are set at the start of trading. so when your contract expires, you already know how much your profit. On average in every trading, the profit earned can reach 80 to 90 percent. No wonder if the day, the business is increasingly popular. Plus this business also has several advantages, when compared with forex trading business. For example like:

The advantages of risk management

The risk of trading binary option is smaller than forex. This is stated by some experts. This is because in the binary option, there is a contract with a certain level of loss. Although in forex trading there is a stop loss, to limit losses. But if you forget to put a stop loss you could be losing money. In addition, the leverage level of the forex market is higher. Well for beginner traders this leverage often cause losses. Unlike the binary option broker. When you suffer a loss or get a loss, when the transaction has expired you can get a refund up to 20 percent.Further in the binary option there is a rollover feature. This feature works to extend the expiration time, if the option is not yet profitable. Conversely there is also features early closure. This feature works to close trading before the expiration time.

The sudden appearance of Vargas is generally not a problem in the binary options

As long as your prediction is correct, you do not have to worry about a shaky market reaction. So even if the market is shaking, you are safe. This is because the shock will not affect your transaction. Different from forex, any sakan market shake is very influential on the value of position with a very fast time.

The advantages of trading transaction costs are small

In forex trading there are various costs that must be borne by traders. For example, such as the cost of spread or commission in every open position. Spread itself is a direct broker commission charged directly, at the moment the trading position is opened. This is different from the binary option. In the binary option, you will not be charged any transaction fees. The reason is because, every calculation of profit and loss has been calculated according to the size of the transaction and the amount of profit.

Minor error error in trading binary options

In the binary option there are only two options. These options are open and close.In addition, these options can be done anytime. So the possibility of a problem or error is smaller, than forex trading. This is because you only need to make adjustments when closing or opening positions.

Bonuses in larger binary options

The large number of new binary option brokers , causing them to race to give bonuses. In addition the advantages of the binary option can be spelled larger than forex. With many advantages it has, no wonder if this one business more loved. Even with its current popularity, practically binary option is a viable business to be a rival for forex.



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