Understanding the Cost of Entry

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Understanding the Cost of Entry

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When land was the primary measure of value, it was almost impossible for the average person to acquire wealth. The king owned all the land, and the population struggled to survive on what they could grow or earn in small cottage industries. When manufacturing was the source of wealth, more people had access to great fortunes, but the number of millionaires was still small because it cost so much to build a factory or run railroad tracks across miles of wilderness. Few people could raise the capital, and so few people ever got into the game. For centuries, most people lived on wages and saved what they could, with very few ever achieving more than a modest level of savings and financial security. The barriers prevented most people from ever being able to own a business or take control of their financial future.
But today, the barriers to entry are essentially zero!
The pages you are now reading represent one of the greatest revolutions in human history.
Think about this for a moment….
Even 10 years ago, I might have written these pages, but the odds that you would be reading them were very slim. After writing the pages, I would have contacted a magazine or book editor in hopes they would publish my writing, or I would have gone to a local printer, paid to have a few hundred copies of this booklet made up, and then announced that it was for sale.
But, who would have bought it?
By the time I put an ad in a couple of magazines, or in the newspaper or on the radio, the cost of this booklet would have been several dollars, and you probably would (1) never have heard about it, or (2) decided it wasn’t worth the price.
In fact, I would probably not have written it, because the odds of making a profit were so slim. The costs of production, marketing and distribution were simply too high. But today, I can put this together, publish it on my website, announce it to the world, and you down-load it for free! The total cost of production? Some of my time, and the use of Acrobat to format it.
Could I have charged you a few dollars and made 99% profit? Probably! You might have paid a few dollars and, hopefully, the value (the usefullness!) is high enough that you would have agreed it was worth it. I would have made money, and you would be a happy customer.
But, with the cost of production so low, I don’t have to charge anything for it! I can give this value to you for free! Why? Because it’s part of my marketing and brand-creation. I’m a coach. I’m a writer. I give speeches. I make my money by being known and appreciated as someone who knows stuff – who knows about solutions and communication and making a difference! There is more value for me in having this booklet widely distributed, than in rushing to the bank with the few thousand dollars I might earn by selling it. Again, the issue is: value!
This little booklet represents a revolution! But the revolution is not in the “information” – these principles have been known and used by wealthy people for thousands of years. The revolution is in: (1) the Low Cost of Entry, and (2) the resulting ability to provide value at low cost.
As we enter the new millennium, this principle applies in every area of wealth creation. If you know about creating and publishing a booklet on the Internet, you can do so! If you know how, you can buy apartment buildings with “nothing down” – there are books on it! The cost to invest in mutual funds and participate in the stock market is as low as $50! In America, and in most countries, you can start your own business by opening a checking account and buying business cards, for a total investment of less than $200. Most multi-level marketing companies require investments of less than $500, and hundred of millionaires have been created in that type of business. Knowledge is the capital of our times, and if you know how, you can even buy operating, profitable businesses for very little of your own money.
The barriers to entry have never been lower! The requirements today are, basically, knowledge or skill, and desire. Whether your interest and inclinations are to trade stock or commodities, or to write a novel, or sell real estate, you can create a fortune. The barriers to entry are low, and the potential is high. The only real requirements are not capital, or influence or wealth. The only two requirements that count are desire, and the ability to add value!

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