Tips for Forexsignal 30 Imagine 2018

How to use Forex Signal 30 Imagine 2018

You should also see a larger time frame, if in H4 or D1, also has passed the arrow pattern 1 and 2, you just follow it. For example 2 Red arrows appear in H4 or D1, then the bar approaches the yellow dash line or moves upwards or over the yellow line you can open the Sell position. Or If in H4 appears 2 red arrows, you can wait until in H1 or smaller also 2 red arrows. Vice versa

This system is an indicator manual, you can leave the computer if you set the alert sound to be heard, or you set up email notifications so that after the alert notification alert via SMS or email you can hear through devices such as mobile phones.

The red or green arrows in the main window do not repaint, and I nest you to use them in larger time frames like H4 and D1.

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