The Key to Success in Learning Forex Trading

The Key to Success in Learning Forex Trading

The key to success in learning forex trading, forex, stocks and commodities does not lie in the trading indicators used or the trading system that is applied (does not mean I want to say that the trading system is not important!), But rather lies in your “ACTION” . “ACTION” which is meant here is an abbreviation of the word which is the key to successful learning of forex that focuses on trading psychology. Anything?

“A” is “Accept”

What is meant is that you must be willing to accept all the possibilities that will occur when trading both profit and loss. If you are aware of the risks in forex trading , then you will definitely prepare seriously beforehand. “Recognizing and accepting that every transaction, there is a possibility of loss even if it is in accordance with the trading plan”.

“C” is “Center”

This means that you have to focus on when making transactions. The more calm one’s psychological condition is, the greater the ability to focus. Make simple relaxation so you can focus so that your trading quality gets better. Learning to focus can be through meditation, yoga or just taking a deep breath. Traders who are less focused and emotional are very vulnerable to making bad trading decisions.

“T” is “Trust”

Believe in yourself, trust the results of your analysis and intuition more than trading recommendations that you get from others. By trusting your own analysis and intuition, will sharpen the confidence that is important in your trading. If you don’t believe in your own trading system, do an evaluation or test. If the results are not good, please change the trading system that you are using. But if after testing, your trading system gives a 60% result, believe in your system.

“I” is “Imagine”

Visualize your success before you actually reach it. Performing detailed visualizations using the five senses will drive your goals quickly achieved. Visualization in detail can manipulate your subconscious to find all the ways that it can materialize. The visualization process in detail is taught in many books by trading experts.

“O” is “Objective”

Make an objective effort to assess a transaction. Fear can make traders over analyzing, hesitating, not confident and not objective. Focus on transactions that are in front of your eyes, do not overly assume or predict the market. You cannot control what will happen, but you can have the confidence to handle what is happening .

“N” is “Never stop a course of action once have begun. Successful traders love to complete projects “

Complete your trading according to the trading plan that you are applying, do not change. Plan your trade and trade your plan If you have hesitated from the beginning, do not make transactions.

Thus the key to success in learning forex , hopefully helping you in the process of learning your forex. Congratulations on learning forex !!!

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