Shorten Forex Trading Time Learning

Shorten Forex Trading Time Learning

By the way the problem of learning forex trading, I was reminded about 2 years ago, when I first got to know forex trading.

I still remember exactly what I felt when I first opened trading platform. The first impression that came to my mind was: “Wow, really cool .. Like I’ve ever seen in a dealing room”.

The next impression is: confused. “Should this be done?”; “How do I do” something “? I am busy looking for buttons to” buy / sell “and then confusion myself, why that appears in the position then is” long / short “.

The next stage is a strong desire to learn. It is, to me, something new that is a challenge to be understood. So start a full 30 days of hard work to understand what and how forex trading is. Eat dozens of e-books, browse, ask and ignore in chat rooms.

The result? Lack of sleep, weight loss, a tangle look and my first live account can be a margin call within 2 weeks. Give up? No way! Not caught yet. In fact I am more challenged, actually how the heck to be able to understand about this forex trading?

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Luckily, I met with more senior traders and willing to share and teach me. I also then found forums where traders can share, share experiences, and encourage each other. Apparently, learning with mentor guidance and community forums is much easier than studying by e-books or sites or even short courses. Why? Because mentors and friends in the forum, in addition to functioning to direct what we need to learn, can also provide encouragement in the face of situations that sometimes do not match expectations.

I still remember, when at one time I had MC (for the umpteenth time), I then report to my mentor. Apparently he just commented: “MC? Usual, just take a lesson from it and do not do the same mistake.” Friends in the forum is also usually just give encouragement and encouragement to continue to learn for friends who experience loss and MC.

From the incident that I experienced, I can conclude that it turns out, have a mentor and community will further facilitate us and shorten the learning time forex trading. In addition, with sharing we can share and encourage each other, so the learning process becomes faster and fun. Very much different when I try to learn for myself that the results are also messy. Well, that is why, I strongly recommend to my friends who want to learn forex trading to find mentors as mentors in learning.

The problem may be, how to find the right mentor? this is easy-easy difficult. It is not easy to find the right mentor, because the requirements of a good mentor are: willing and able to guide, to understand correctly about what we want to learn, and most importantly, patience. Um, especially for prospective traders who rada-rada lemots kayak me. Obviously need an extra patient mentor.

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Then, how do we get the right mentor? My advice hell, be active in forums or chat rooms that discuss about forex. You can observe from existing post, where traders are senior and look patient and can be able to provide an easily understood explanation. Diligently ask, show that we are serious about learning. Usually they will be happy to help and accept us as students. But keep in mind also, patience-patiently our mentor, do not always hope they explain at length about the basic things that we can actually get the answer from many forex sites. In essence, we must always show that we also continue to learn and not just hope that he will explain for us.

Oh yes, one more thing, also avoid questions about the signal, such as “EU how ya, buy or sell?” Believe ya … very rare mentors who would answer such questions. Ok, good study and mentor hunting!

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