Serial Candlestick: Upside Gap Two Crows

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Serial Candlestick: Upside Gap Two Crows


Serial Candlestick: Upside Gap Two Crows

Upside Gap Two Crows pattern is a very rare candlestick pattern. The shape is similar to the Evening Star pattern and Engulfing pattern but with some significant differences.

As an Evening Star pattern, the Upside Gap Two Crows pattern is a reversal of a bearish trend pattern. That appears near the highest level. This pattern consists of three candlesticks. The first candlestick in Upside Gap Two Crows candlestick pattern must be bullish with a large body candle and must be bullish. This bullish candlestick must be followed by two smaller bearish candlesticks. Which almost forms an Engulfing pattern unless both are bearish and hence dark.

The first bearish candlestick that follows a bullish candlestick must have an upper gap.

Gaps are seen from real body candles with real bullish candle bodies, as well as in Evening Star patterns. However, the last candlestick in the Two Crows Upside Gap pattern must be opened above the central real body candlestick. And it must be sealed underneath to completely swallow the real body of the second candlestick body.

Reverse Gap Difference Two Crows patterns with the Evening Star pattern are in the last candlestick. Those who don’t need to penetrate and close well into the body of the first real candlestick.

Because the Upside Gap Two Crows pattern is a trend reversal pattern to be bearish, it only applies if it appears in an uptrend. As well as most of the most frequent trend reversal patterns. The Two Crows Upside Gap pattern is more significant when it comes to or near the trend line or support and resistance lines.

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