Precision Market Timing – By The Numbers!

Within the subsequent 10 minutes, I’ll disclose to you what took me over thirty years of intensive eyeball-to-chart analysis to find! The street has been long and typically bumpy with loads of sudden twists and turns alongside the way in which. And, guess what…it hasn’t ended but! The extra I be taught, the extra I understand there’s extra to be taught. So, fasten your seatbelt and expertise the joy I felt on this street of discovery…it is really been an experience to recollect!

Let’s begin initially. I made my first commodity trade in 1968 whereas a pupil on the College of Montana working in direction of a Grasp’s Diploma in Enterprise Finance and Investments. I used to be fascinated by the leverage you might get in your funding capital by placing up a comparatively small margin price with the intention to management a lot bigger quantity of some commodity…leaving open the potential for substantial-good points…and through the use of stops supposedly restricted threat. And, since I used to be a cash-strapped pupil with a “comparatively” small quantity to take a position, this actually appealed to me.

So, one memorable Tuesday afternoon, I skipped the fitness center class and hiked downtown to open my first commodity trading account. I used to be nervous as a cat…however,, I knew it was one thing I simply needed to do. The broker was understanding and after about an hour of filling out types and ready for an OK from headquarters, I plunked my money down and commenced what I imagined could be an illustrative profession as a “skilled” commodity trader. I simply could not wait to get began!

Early the subsequent morning, I used to be chomping on the bit and determined to begin off by trading corn futures.

Then over the subsequent two weeks, the worst factor that might occur to a starting trader occurred to me…I had three massive successful trades in a row! I used to be satisfied I used to be the King Kong of trading…and admittedly could not determine why everybody advised me trading was so onerous to achieve success at. Then, as you’ve got in all probability guessed…the fourth trade murdered me. I misplaced all the pieces I had already made plus $200 greater than I ever had in my account! A lot for the supposedly restricted threat. You may guess the place the guiding fund for that quarter went! My trading “profession” appeared over about as quick as air dashing out of a balloon.

I went away from that have licked my wounds, however, completely satisfied there was an underlying and identifiable pattern or rhythm within the markets. I might sense it. I knew it was there…however,, I had no thought what it was. I wrestled with questions of how such a factor might exist. Or extra to the purpose, since I noticed proof of it is precise existence…how might I show it existed? Although initially I even questioned my very own perceptions, I simply knew in my bones it was there! I used to be decided to do no matter what it took to determine it, choose it aside and finally discover out precisely what made it tick.

It was then I spotted that when you might uncover any form of common or constant pattern in market actions…you’ll have the important thing to profitable trading! Why? Since you then might trade in sync with the timing patterns controlling market motion. This was actually an aim price devoting a lifetime of analysis to…and because it seems…I’ve!

I began my search by going to the supply…the markets themselves! I studied charts from each market I might get my fingers on…some constructed from information going again to the beginning of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848! I knew that if there was a pattern that repeated itself within the markets, I might discover it…given sufficient time, effort and stacks of charts to take a look at.

After night time after night time of painstaking research, a little bit of inspiration arrived from someplace and I got here to the conclusion that by merely utilizing day by day futures charts…the place every vertical bar represents a single trading day, I might probably detect tradable patterns by figuring out reversal factors in regular ongoing markets…particularly, reversals that tended to happen on the identical quantity rely time and again when counting ahead in time from any important excessive or low level…previously.

It was about this time that a fellow trader associated with me that W. D. Gann, the world-famous market timer, was presupposed to have stated: “if you wish to know to time the markets…learn the Bible 3 times!”

I had typically studied the writings of Gann and was frankly by no means in a position to get a lot out of his cryptic and obscure ramblings apart from to notice his give attention to time versus price pattern Analysis. However, this bought me to pondering…is it attainable that particular quantity counts the place reversal vitality is demonstrably uncovered…essential time factors I had already recognized in my relentless search by means of countless chart examples…is it attainable as some form of confirming system that those self-same numbers are numbers prominently talked about within the sacred texts?

Because it was my customized to commonly learn within the Bible, I made a decision to maintain a pocketbook helpful to jot down particular numbers talked about within the Bible as I got here throughout them. I had no actual expectations in some way, however, I used to be trying ahead to evaluating the numbers my personal analysis was turning up with the numbers prominently talked about within the Bible.

So what did I discover? Truly, a head-scratching puzzle. What I observed straight away after accumulating months of references was that there was an incredible variety of close to misses…numbers from the Bible that have been typically off by only one quantity rely upon the numbers I had already recognized by means of analysis.

This wasn’t the one factor that bothered me.

I might be in a quandary for years over a citation from Jesus present in Luke 24:46 which stated: “Thus it’s written, and thus it behooved Christ to endure, and to rise from the lifeless the third day.”

With my persistent mindset, I simply could not see how Sunday was the third day. It appeared to me that if Christ was crucified on Friday, then Saturday…Sunday… after which Monday needs to be the third day. It had been a long-running and seemingly irreconcilable query in my thoughts.

Then out of the blue, it struck me. To make the biblical order work, you would need to rely upon Friday upon as day primary! Why this had been so onerous for me to see was I suppose comprehensible. Counting that approach was simply not how we have been taught to rely upon since grade college. However, this was an essential breakthrough…since I had now discovered how God counts!

The following step was apparent…use the newly discovered counting technique on the charts I used to be finding out and see how the quantity counts in contrast with what I used to be doing earlier than. I picked up certainly one of my trusty previous charts and began counting days ahead from a vital excessive level reversal day on the chart.

Instantly, it jumped off the web page at me. By adjusting the quantity relies upon every newly found reversal vitality quantity…by simply sooner or later to replicate the brand new counting technique, the correlation between Bible numbers and particular quantity counts I had already collected have been now nearly completely…in sync!

I say “nearly” completely as a result of what confirmed up was a pattern of hits…that’s, precise reversal days occurring on the chart that may are inclined to “hit” (1) on the day simply earlier than, (2) proper on or (3) the day simply after the person counting quantity being projected.

This was heady stuff. Clearly, through the use of the 40 totally different and confirmed counting numbers so painstakingly recognized by means of analysis and confirmed typically by biblical references, I might now precisely pinpoint and undertaking into the long run completely outlined and very highly effective Three-day “reversal zones” or “timing windows”…on any chart for any market…at any time!

It is vital to notice that the strongest reversal vitality at all times exhibited itself within the heart day of the three-day zone or window. I do not know why however the picture of Christ crucified between 2 malefactors got here to thoughts as I labored with these materials. And, because it seems, the thought of a Three unit zone or window with essentially the most highly effective vitality centered within the heart unit turned over time an much more highly effective analysis idea…as we will quickly see.

And this is one other curiosity. Apparently, there isn’t any strategy to decide or foretell whether or not anticipated reversals might be up or down reversals…till you get there. Because the market begins to truly trade up or down into the zone or window, then and solely then does the market tip it is hand to us.

And, this is the actually nice half…It is precisely on the essential second to do one thing from a market timing standpoint. That’s, simply earlier than the market reverses…and whereas concurrently pointing us within the route the market has simply revealed it’ll go! And, solely people who know the language of the markets perceive what the markets are saying after they converse.

Amazingly, the markets actually hand us high secret timing info on the essential second for us to make use of it for positioning trades in the precise route…and exactly on the proper time to be completely in sync with market motion…assured!

Now, this is the way it works. If a market is initially trading down right into a 3-day reversal zone, then we must always count on a reversal of some consequence to happen to the upside through the interval of that reversal zone. The anticipated reversal up is then confirmed on any subsequent day that sees a rally above a earlier day’s excessive. It could not be extra easy!

And, conversely, if a market initially trades up right into a 3-day reversal zone, we must always count on to see a reversal motion to the draw back happen. The reversal is then confirmed by any subsequent drop under a earlier day’s low.

One other main plus is that this technique robotically generates a close-in cease or cease/reverse level simply on the opposite aspect of the just lately anticipated and confirmed reversal. This minimizes trade threat tremendously.

It was at this level that it abruptly occurred to me that what was actually occurring right here…within the march of black bars throughout price charts…was the continuing document in time of an unbelievable projection course of…a course of whereby the ahead counting of days was monitoring some form of vitality ripples radiating ahead in time from excessive and low reversal factors previously.

My analysis proved this “course of” is ongoing. It is consistently radiating vitality off reversal factors previously which initiatives three-day “timing windows” or “reversal zones” into the long run…the place this reversal “vitality” tends to generate new reversal factors in interval patterns falling exactly on sure particular quantity counts…which I now had recognized!

However,, how might this be? All I might think about was that some type of beforehand unknown wave vitality should be radiating off high or backside reversal factors previously…frequently moving out into the long run in various levels of depth, set in irregular but fixed intervals…and with sufficient structured vitality to dramatically have an effect on directional turns…in any market…in precisely the identical method and timing rely sequence. And all this, at exactly and objectively projected closing dates sooner or later…whew!

Sit again for a second and give it some thought. The magnitude of this discovery…as an example revelation really, is mind-boggling in its implication and completely astounding in significance! It is nearly as if the curtain has been ripped again and we’re now privileged to look lingeringly on the cloth of house and time…actually, the framework God employs to prepare time and occasion progressions! Shockingly, it might seem that nothing occurs by likelihood!

I knew instinctively that this technique of market timing couldn’t be referred to as fundamental or technical analysis…however, is relatively a wholly new technique of market timing Analysis which I dubbed temporal Analysis since it’s primarily based on time as an alternative of price. Certainly, at this level, I spotted that one of many biggest hallmarks of the newly named Kenison Counting Numbers is the full lack of subjectivity in producing such priceless timing projections.

No guesswork is ever concerned. The quantity counting sequence is straightforward and simple to know. You do not even want a calculator or pc or any specialised foreknowledge. And, the signals projected are very exact and fully goal. It is all proper there on the chart…precisely the place the subsequent reversal vitality within the market might be uncovered…and correspondingly, precisely the place the subsequent projected reversal needs to be anticipated!

And get this.

Kenison Counting Quantity projections won’t ever turn out to be out of date. They are going to proceed with absolute objectivity…for all of the years of you or your grandson’s trading careers…to pinpoint at or inside sooner or later of a particular future quantity rely, precisely the place a market reversal of various diploma of magnitude ought to seem.

How do we all know this? Just because years of exhaustive historical analysis has confirmed that whether or not you are taking a look at constructed charts from the final two centuries, the 1970’s or final week, the system would have labored precisely the identical in every period…with precisely the identical phenomenal outcomes!

And keep in mind, these are the exact same timing rely upon numbers confirmed traditionally and thorough the research of the scriptures to have confirmed and really particular reversal vitality related to them. Consider me…after studying the Kenison Counting Numbers market timing technique, you’ll by no means take a look at a price chart the identical once more.

I used to be additionally extraordinarily gratified to be taught by means of many years of ongoing analysis that Kenison Counting Numbers work equally properly in projecting future reversal factors in each market, no matter whether or not it is a future, options, Stock, Forex Online or money market…anyplace on this planet!

How Kenison Counting Numbers Work…

This completely distinctive and very highly effective technique’s capacity to undertaking vital market highs and lows…sooner or later is uncanny. How does it do it? After many years of private analysis, I’ve recognized the precise irregular quantity sequence the market itself observes. Simply rely the bars on a price chart ahead from any market excessive or low level previously and the Kenison Counting Numbers will let you know precisely on which numbers within the sequence it is best to count on highly effective reversal vitality to be uncovered…sooner or later…and with a really excessive diploma of reliability! This permits traders to anticipate, verify after which act on probably worthwhile trading turns that others do not even see coming…or have the slightest thought even exist!

There’s nothing subjective about this Analysis…it is completely goal. It provides you no-nonsense actual entry and exit factors with close-in and automated stop-loss factors. And for the charts you want? They’re free on the internet!

One different factor needs to be harassed. That is strictly eyeballing to chart Analysis. No difficult software program or mathematical calculation is ever mandatory. With this new life long data, you may spend simply moments with a price chart and know with complete confidence what your plan of action needs to be…and know with absolute readability what the dangers are…all upfront!

There is no have to test with anybody first…you are the Expert!

Why? As a result of once you perceive this market timing technique, you will know with quiet confidence what the market itself is telling you about present trends and probably explosive turning factors…and precisely when to count on them!

Whenever you see how by merely counting ahead and backward in time from vital excessive or low factors previously, you may undertaking vital reversal factors sooner or later…imagine me, you will be hooked! I have been hooked now for over 30 years and I am nonetheless fascinated each day as I watch these turns happen like clockwork in timing windows projected weeks and even months earlier than!

Traders can turn out to be Experts in utilizing all 40 of the unbelievably highly effective Kenison Counting Numbers to undertaking ahead in time to precisely the place reversal vitality might be uncovered…sooner or later!

One of the vital spectacular Kenison Counting Numbers is represented by Zone 14…particularly, when utilizing our easy triangulation strategies together with different counting numbers to undertaking highly effective conjunction and convergence reversal zones…reversals which start extraordinarily dynamic high-velocity directional market strikes! Different traders marvel at windfall income that appears to return out of nowhere. Kenison Counting Numbers is the instrument that alerts you beforehand thereby permitting you the chance to profit from these explosive market strikes!

When buyers and traders examine this precision market timing technique, they’re amazed to find the pure and irregular rhythm recognized within the markets…a rhythm that’s fixed and traces out precisely the identical pattern for all markets worldwide! It is surprising to see how invariably reversals happen on the identical quantity counts within the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence…time and again.

And now one other wonderful reality regarding the Kenison Counting Numbers technique…it holds true it doesn’t matter what timeframe you are taking a look at! As we already know when you apply the system to a day by day chart, you’ll undertaking day by day reversals. However, surprisingly, In the event you additionally apply it to a weekly chart, you’ll undertaking weekly reversal factors into the long run. The truth is, the identical Kenison Counting Numbers sequence works equally properly when utilized to month-to-month, weekly, day by day or intra-day charts!

It was precisely at this level that one other phenomenal discovery was made.

found that you might decide the almost certainly precise reversal day, week or month inside every reversal zone through the use of the Kenison Counting Numbers to rely backward upon in time from each of the three days, weeks or months inside every reversal zone. How does this work? Fairly merely, once you rely backward within the trend talked about above, you’ll discover that important excessive and low factors…previously…fall precisely on particular quantity counts within the Kenison Counting Quantity sequence…however, solely in case you are counting backward from the almost certainly precise future day, week or month the place the market will reverse! As I witnessed this mirror picture or echo impact in action, I spotted that is really a miracle!

That is completely astounding once you understand that counting ahead or backward in time-reversal vitality is uncovered on the identical quantity counts within the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence no matter whether or not you are counting months, weeks, days or 15-minute intervals on an intra-day price chart! Witness this technique in action in actual markets in real-time and you will be completely amazed at the magnitude of this discovery…I assure it!

Copyright (c) 2006 Bruce Kenison



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