Part 3: Learn to Think Like a Professional Forex Trader

Part 3: 6 Learning Tips for Thinking Like a Professional Forex Trader

Forex learning articles about ” 6 Tips for Thinking Like a Professional Trader ” I have previously discussed as many as 4 tips in 2 articles, I will continue for the next 2 tips. We start for the fifth tip.

5. Develop a set trading routine

Without having a clear trading plan, it tends to take a long time in front of a computer for a trader to conduct trading transactions and conduct market analysis.

Develop your own trading routine and save it in the Forex trading plan that you make.

Get used to re-reading your trading plan every day, so that you always remember the rules that you have compiled and make it routine when you make a transaction.

Pay attention to the following questions:

  • Can I judge the current market situation?
  • The market is in a trend or range?
  • Is there a relationship between various currency pairs?
  • What kind of trading setup does the market offer?
  • Does your trading transaction have the right profit / loss ratio?

All of these questions you must ask yourself before you even think about opening a trading position.

6. Make a profitable forex trading strategy

Before you can make a trading plan, you must first be proficient and really master the trading strategy that you will apply.

My concept and method of trading are simple, trying to see the reality that is happening in the market. The market is the result of actions taken by active market participants in it. Some market players (traders) have different trading strategies and different needs to be successful in the market.

Think about this!

If you do not filter what is really happening in the market and adjust our mindset to the market situation, apply a simple trading strategy or system, you will not benefit from the market and become a professional forex trader who continues to benefit in the forex market.

These are 6 tips for changing the way of thinking for a beginner trader to be like a professional trader. Don’t feel bored to keep learning forex trading. Because actually no one is expert in forex trading . But those who can control emotions and take advantage of opportunities in the market will be successful in forex trading. Congratulations on learning forex !!!

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