Only in this country Indonesian Rupiah is appreciated

Only in this country Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is appreciated

Currency exchange is one of the tools used to measure the value and strength of a country’s currency with other countries. Usually to see the strength of a country’s currency exchange rates, they compare it to US dollars or USD. Indonesia itself is currently in the exchange rate of Rp. 13,440. The dollar value had touched the highest price of Rp. 16,650 in June 1998 due to the riots that occurred during the New Order era. After that the rupiah again experienced ups and downs in the value of the dollar.

Only in this country Indonesian Rupiah is appreciated

Even though it has a very low exchange rate compared to large currencies such as USD and EUR, there are still countries where the currency exchange rate is lower than the rupiah. So when we bring rupiah into the country in mediocre amounts, we can already buy what we need. In fact, with mediocre money we can be considered rich people. What are these countries?

  1. Vietnamese

One of the attractions of why Indonesians make Vietnam as a tourist destination is in addition to its natural beauty, also because the value of its currency is relatively low compared to the value of the rupiah . The cost of living is very cheap there makes it not infrequently people try a luxurious lifestyle with money they have. 1 Vietnamese Dong valued at Rp. 0.6. If we have a hundred thousand money then the Vietnamese Dong money that we have is very much. The more real, we just compare it to buying rice. The price of rice in Vietnam is almost half the price of rice in Indonesia. The price of rice in Vietnam is only US $ 0.31 / kg, equivalent to Rp. 4,120 for the exchange rate of Rp. 13,290. So if we have IDR 50,000, if we buy rice in Indonesia, we only get 5 kg, but if we buy rice in Vietnam, we can get almost 10 kg of rice.

  1. Laos

If you want to feel vacation around abroad, maybe Laos is a country that can be your choice. Laos is the next country whose currency is relatively cheap compared to the rupiah. 1 Kip (Lak) is valued at Rp. 1.64. So don’t be surprised if there are Indonesian tourists who can travel around this country between Myanmar, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Only with 2 million money, you can already have a vacation by getting comfortable lodging facilities, elegant transportation and going home with a stack of hands. As additional information, visas for free Indonesian citizens in this country.

  1. Cambodia

Rupiah has a very expensive value in Cambodia where 1 Riel is valued at Rp 3.27.This price is even higher than the two previous countries. The very low cost of living in Cambodia makes tourists from Indonesia able to enjoy good and elegant food at a price of Rp. 32,000, equivalent to 10,000 Riels. However, you need to be careful if you buy goods in this country. Ignorance of foreign tourists is usually used by local residents to reap profits.

  1. Colombia

Colombia is a country that also offers high prices for Rupiah. Although this country is included in the South American region, 1 Colombian Peso is valued at IDR 4.47. Same with previous countries, with a small amount of rupiah money we can enjoy a good lifestyle in this country. Unfortunately, the cost of getting to this country is not cheap because the conditions are indeed quite far. So take into account transportation costs before you decide to “live expensive” in Colombia.

  1. Some Tao and Principe

Of the 4 previous countries, maybe Some Tao and Principe are what we rarely hear. The country in the Atlantic Ocean region, west of the African Continent offers a fairly high rupiah exchange rate, in which 1 Dobra is equivalent to Rp. 0.62. One reason why the value of the country’s currency is so low is due to lack of resources. Some Tao and Principe are also often forgotten by travelers. Though seeing a country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean certainly has beaches and marine biota that are interesting to explore.

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