Most accurate forex strategy

These are the 5 Most Accurate Forex Trading Strategies That Are Worth Trying!

Most accurate forex strategy

In an age of sophisticated and modern, many developing platforms – a platform that provides trading. Especially now that investment has become an important thing and is done by many young people. One of the trading robots that is currently growing rapidly is AutoTrade Gold. However, what is the most accurate forex trading strategy? Here is the most accurate forex strategy is worth trying:

1. Trading News (Most accurate forex strategy)

The first strategy is news trading. Please note that this strategy relies on trading based on the news that is currently circulating and also based on market expectations. This can happen to news that has been released or has not been released though. When using this strategy, requires a creative and skilled mindset, because news easily spreads quickly to various media.

When using this strategy, the news scheduled to be released must wait until it is published and pay attention to the initial effects that have subsided. The time needed to wait for news to be released is approximately 15-30 minutes. After waiting, the trader can plan the entry position and the price to be offered.

This strategy has advantages and disadvantages that traders should be aware of. Why is this necessary to know? Because a trader needs to understand market expectations for the success of this most accurate strategy. Below will be explained about the advantages and disadvantages.

The drawback is that it has a high risk, it depends on the type of news taken, the position when trading must be open for several hours. Besides this strategy requires expertise, it is necessary to understand how news can affect positions in the wider market.

The advantage of using this strategy is a predetermined entry and exit strategy. The process of entering and exiting trades is based on the market reading the news. Then, here there are also many trading opportunities, there is some news that provides trading opportunities.

2. Trading Swing

The strategy of trading forex is the next most accurate strategy trading swingSwing trading has a theory that can be used as a basis for using its strategy. The theory is the price pattern theory which plays an important role in this strategy. The use of this theory is reasonable because it signals price changes that start from the identification of various patterns.

The downside of this strategy is that it has a high risk and also requires more research. There are some trades that, if left overnight, can cause additional risk. This can be overcome with stop-loss orders which can reduce the level of risk in trading.

The advantage of this strategy is that many trading opportunities involve both sides of the market. In addition, the most accurate forex trading strategy with this strategy is suitable for traders with limited time. However, research is still needed to understand the working pattern of the market.

3. Day Trading

The third order is a strategy with day trading. This strategy is perfect for a trader who is actively trading during the day. This day trader takes advantage of price fluctuations during market opening and closing hours. Take advantage of this strategy by using the  Auto Trade Gold trading robot, because the AutoTrade Gold system works automatically for 24 hours.

This strategy has several advantages including no swap risk, controllable risk, flexible trading time, and also abundant trading opportunities. There is no swap risk as these trades are only made during the open trading session of the day. The risk can be controlled because the trader opens trades in the short term of 1 to 4 hours which allows the risk to arise in the long term.

Another advantage is the flexible trading time can be done by traders who open only 1 to 5 positions during the day. Finally, trading opportunities are abundant, a trader can take advantage of local and international markets that can open and close positions during the day in one day.

While the drawback is that it needs more discipline and flat trading, namely the possibility of several positions not moving within one day. Day trading also requires high discipline so that you can know the strategies that have been determined in advance.

4. Trading Scalping

The fourth strategy is scalping trading, which refers more to the pursuit of profit from small movements. The small movement is more in line with the tree of the application of the trade done daily. That way, this technique can be used as an accurate forex trading strategy.

The advantage of this strategy is the moderate risk when the scalper does not open a position more than one night and some trades last only a matter of minutes. Then, this strategy is more suitable as a hobby and suitable for traders who want to trade flexibly but with the most accurate results. In addition, many trading opportunities can be utilized.

If there are advantages, of course, there are disadvantages, the drawback of this scalping strategy is a limited market, where scalping can only function on certain markets. Then, you need to be more disciplined because this strategy requires opening more positions than other trading styles. Then also small price movements in search of a profit can be stressful for a trader.

5. Trading Session Closing

The last most accurate forex trading strategy is the closing session trading. In this strategy, a trader is required to be active when approaching the close because the price will become clearer whether there will be an increase or decrease. This strategy requires a price action study of the price movements of the previous days.

The trader can argue how the prices move based on historical data and decide what are indicators to be used. Of course, this strategy also has advantages and disadvantages that need to be known. The following is an explanation so that it can be understood.

The closing session strategy carries a lot of risks. Open positions are capable of generating a wider range of risks. However, this can be overcome by placing a stop-loss order. Where the stop-loss order is very useful to reduce the amount of risk obtained.

The advantage of this closing session strategy is that it is suitable for some tradersTrading this way can be an example of a good way to make a profit. Then, the shorter time can save time significantly when compared to other trading strategies.

Of the five strategies mentioned above, a trader can use it to find the most accurate forex trading strategy. Of course, these strategies need to be studied further to understand more deeply about these strategies. Choose a trading strategy that traders think is appropriate and can produce the most accurate data. (*)

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