Momentum Stock Trading – Entry Factors Are Key to Profiting From Momentum Trading

Momentum Stock Trading – Entry Factors Are Key to Profiting From Momentum Trading

Momentum Stock trading is the artwork of taking earnings from the Stock market with short-term trades designed to profit from a Stock’s upward or downward everyday momentum. Many buyers take into account this to be a low-risk trading methodology as a result of executed correctly and with self-discipline, you solely enter a trade when the focused Stock’s momentum is already moving in your route.

There are a handful of key components in profitable momentum trading. This text appears on the significance of entry factors. An entry-level is some extent to which you might be prepared to enter a trade.

Why trouble setting particular entry factors?

Fairly merely, since you need to catch the momentum as soon as it has begun, as an alternative of buying and hoping your prediction comes true. For instance, as an instance Stock XYZ closed at $58, with a latest hello/lo vary of $55-60. Your analysis leads you to consider XYZ is poised for the run-up. Nice! So you place in your order to purchase the very first thing within the morning. However, what if the stock opens at $59 after which drops right down to $56? Now you’ve got received preliminary downward momentum working in opposition to you and fairly presumably, a shedding trade-in your arms. The important thing to profitable trading on momentum shouldn’t be enjoying round inside the latest hello/lo vary.

How do I choose an entry-level?

Setting an entry-level above the latest hello (should you intend to go long) or beneath the latest low (should you intend to go short) helps you catch greater, extra vital momentum in your trades. In our instance, Stock XYZ was displaying resistance at $60, i.e. the value has not just lately gone over $60. I’d set an entry-level at one thing barely over $60 like say $60.30. By setting your entry-level above the latest resistance degree, your trade will solely set off supplied the momentum is already going within the route you predicted.

In different phrases, your trade will set off if the Stock price’s upward motion reaches your entry-level of $60.30. Now you might be in play and you’ve got momentum in your aspect and a profitable trade to handle. If nonetheless, there may be preliminary downward momentum, your trade will not set off and you’ve got preserved your capital for different trades. Setting correct entry factors is subsequently important to your success in momentum trading.


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