Looking for 99% Forex Strategy Accurate? Read this!

Looking for 99% Forex Strategy Accurate? Read this!

You may have been trading forex since the last few years, or maybe it has just started the last few months. Regardless of the “duration” of your trading, of course you always crave to have a good strategy, aka sophisticated, in the sense that it can provide great benefits for you. That’s normal, provided you realize that no matter how sophisticated your trading system is, it’s not a guarantee that you will be completely free from risk. Of course you are aware that risk is part of trading.

Holy Grail

Is it true? In fact, there has never been a fact that shows that the system or robot is truly magical. “Legend” about some strategies or robots tends to be exaggerated by the “dream seller of forex poets”. Holy grail begins to “rise in rank” from myth to legend that still tempts those who crave wealth through instant means. To be more convincing to prospective buyers, the legend is packaged as scientifically as possible so that it can enter the minds of modern humans who are always looking for logical explanations.

Forex robot

What exactly is the forex robot?

Another goal is to reduce the “human factor” in trading, in the sense of reducing the emotional involvement of the trader. Another term for robots is automated trading .

There’s no way you can glare at the charts 24 hours a day. For this reason the robot comes with a program that has been specifically designed to analyze charts and replace your role in making transactions. He will execute every signal that appears even when you sleep, with full discipline running the forex strategy that has been planted in the program algorithm.

To further assure you, the seller of this robot will demonstrate evidence of the robot’s ability. They will attach proof of the robot test results: high and consistent profit and low drawdown (potential loss rate). ” Holy grail has been found! Get only $ 500! ”Maybe that’s the closing sentence in the e-mail offer sent to you.

Can you use a robot?

We do not oppose the use of trading robots. Not. In many ways, trading robots have advantages, such as discipline in executing signals.

We just want to remind that no matter how sophisticated, the robot is certain – DEFINITELY – has weaknesses. The robot is DEFINITELY prepared based on certain forex strategies that must have limitations.

That a strategy can generate a lot of profit in the past. For example, a strategy developed for sideway market conditions will not work well in a market trending situation.

So, using a robot is fine. The one who is not allowed is to believe 100% that the robot is a holy grail and DEFINITELY will be able to provide a big profit for us. The robot is just a machine, so our control of the machine is absolutely necessary. When the machine can’t work properly, it’s our job to find out where the “error” is.

The conclusion?

If all robots can indeed provide fantastic benefits as the maker / seller claims. Traders have been trying to “beat” the market for generations, using a variety of forex strategies that even some of them are legendary (like Elliott Wave Theory , or Turtle Traders ). All trading legends are lost. Even leading traders today – believe me – still face the same risks.

If there really are people who can really beat the market, of course he will become a “celebrity”. He will be invited to various seminars around the world, approached and even “invited” by giant financial companies.Wages from giving seminars or working for a giant financial company are certainly far greater than just selling a system for $ 500. He would prefer to “rent” the strategy with a certain wage or a certain percentage of the profits obtained based on his forex strategy . It makes more sense, isn’t it?

Again, this paper does not intend to oppose the use of robots. This paper aims to remind us that we will not be dazzled by the sparkling balance statement of the robot sellers. Using a robot – again – it’s fine.Think of a robot – or any strategy – as a holy grail , like living in a fairy tale.

Be wise. 🙂

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