Let’s Know Compounding In Forex Trading

Let’s Know Compounding In Forex Trading

For those of you who just started trading in the forex market, may not understand well what is meant by compounding in forex. Compounding in forex is very closely related to the profit potential that will be obtained when trading,

Getting a profit or profit in the trading that is done is certainly sought by forex traders. Profit earned by traders in the forex market is not the same as each other and the amount of profit earned depends on the ability of traders in trading forex.

Although able to gain profit in the trading done, not a few forex traders do not take all the benefits gained. There are even traders who only take half of the profit earned.

A trader who does not take all of the profit is usually held using the remaining profit to be used as additional capital. The rest of the profit reinvested as capital is called compounding profit . Simply put, the term compounding profit is very similar to a company that holds some profit to be capital.

What is Compounding In Forex?

Compounding is a way that you can do to enlarge the trading capital you are doing. If interpreted, then the meaning of compounding in forex is to hold some or all profits that will then be capital. Compounding looks simple, but if you practice it consistently, then that factor can give you optimal results.

If looking technically, then compounding can be done by combining it with risk per trade calculation. In practice, compounding is highly dependent on the trader doing it. Thus there is no specific provision relating to the form of compounding to be used.

We will provide a simple example of compounding that combines it with the ratio percentage model.

For example, you have a capital of USD 1000 with a risk per trade of about 5% which means USD 50, then the risk / reward system you have is 1: 1. In this case you use compounding in the form of risk per trade which is fixed 5% of capital. If you make a transaction and get profit 1 time, then you can earn USD 50. Thus, the overall capital you have around USD 1,050.

Likewise when you make the next transaction, then the risk per trade to USD 52.5, which is obtained from 5% multiplied by USD 1,050. When you re-gain profit, then the total capital you have to USD 1,102,5 as well as next.

Important Notes You Need To Look For In Compounding Forex

Small Capital

Things you need to know is compounding inside forex can be done in small capital. The thing that becomes difficult and often experienced by traders who have a small capital is the difficulty of applying a lot of calculations that will be used. This happens because of the limited amount of lots available in forex brokers. In order to solve the above problems, then the solution that can be done is to use the account cent or micro account on the forex broker that provides it.

Requires Patience

The next thing you need to consider is to be patient in doing compounding practices in forex. In the early stages, the increase in capital will feel small and very long. But over time will feel faster and more noticeable. In addition, you should also be able to refrain from attracting the entire capital from the results of the trading done.

The Need for Discipline

The next important factor is that you need to be disciplined and consistent in carrying out the plans that have been made. Understand and master well the trading system you use.


When you apply compounding in forex, it can make you more focused in viewing the target and ultimately can accelerate you get the desired results.

Is Effective Running Compounding Profit In Forex?

If calculated in more detail, the compounding profit you get in forex can generate considerable profit. For example, with the existing USD 100 capital set aside and you can consistently get a profit of 5% a day and it lasts for 3 months. Then the compounding effect is felt in the future.

The thing that you need to understand is that the calculations we presented above are simple and very simple. In practice, you will not be able to trade trades to get the best results. A trader needs to have high consis- tency to do so and in reality consistency in trading is very difficult to do. You need to train the level of consistency in a dormitory and not directly.

Various Psychological Problems That Will Appear Related To Compounding Profit

A trader who just entered to trade in the forex market will have a different feeling when doing open position with low value and open with high value. When going to open positions, then they will tend to be afraid and worry about every mistake that will be felt. Feelings are very natural and certainly experienced by beginner traders.

Not just related to the problem of compounding it, because on other things there are psychological problems that will be experienced by the beginner forex traders.The problem that occurs depends on how you address and resolve it.

Thus, doing compounding profit is a very reasonable thing to do by forex traders. The important thing to note is do not do the compounding in a hurry. Do it slowly and adjust to the psychological and condition of the transaction you are doing.

The thing to keep in mind is that compounding profits can provide great results. Therefore, because you are still a beginner in forex trading, wise step is to attract all the profit earned.

The goal is to get the profit generated and not cause any psychological burden. Well, if you’ve gone through 3 to 4 months of trading forex, then you can do the existing trading compounding and start to set aside some profit as a trading capital.

The next thing to note is when you are going to make compounding profits, then you need to have a trustworthy broker to hold the profits earned. This is very important to do so that the profit you have is not lost for free.

That is the discussion related to compounding in forex that need to be understood by beginners. We hope that the information that has been submitted above can increase your knowledge related to existing forex basis.

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Happy investing!

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