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Readers, we often hear advice that we must learn something that we want to master, no matter what, whenever we want it, and whoever we are. Yes! This of course also applies to everyone who wants to learn forex trading in Indonesia .Forex itself has various types of trading that you can learn. These types of trading include foreign exchange trading, Indonesian binary options trading, gold trading and oil trading.

As we know, forex is not a world that is easy to conquer. Lots of fighters who have fallen ahead of you, but not a few who are able to achieve success and get the title of “true trader”. However, whoever they are, these fighters are still human.There are also those who use robot “help”, but not many can achieve success with the help of the forex robot completely.

Both forex seniors who are masters, seniors who are still fairly ordinary, or bankrupt senior forex, are traders who have also experienced forex learning. Indeed, the steps they took were very different from one another. However, it turned out that this also had a dramatic effect on the success that they could finally achieve after going through a series of processes that were quite long.

Generally, novice forex traders feel over optimistic. In fact, they have just learned forex trading for a while

Without intending to offend anyone, this is what happens usually among beginner traders. At the beginning of a travel career, each trader has been “given” two possibilities. Whether it’s profit, or loss. And usually, novice traders will trade with groping and tend to use no strategy!

Like someone who has just won a lottery, sometimes a beginner trader feels too optimistic and opens a position more, and only hopes for luck. This will continue to spin, until the novice trader encounters the unfortunate point. And sure enough! This luck factor doesn’t last long. Without the provision of knowledge about the wild world of forex, even a senior trader can become a victim and experience a total bankruptcy.

To prevent total bankruptcy and dependence on the “luck” factor, it’s good if a beginner trader tries to learn the forex world as well as possible, just like senior traders who have first achieved success in this realm.

Not just having to learn. A trader must also fully understand what forex is, with depth

Remember the days when you were in school first? If you want to be a class champion, learning is not just learning right? Likewise with the world of forex.Here, we can’t just learn, study, and study. But also must practice, adjust to market conditions, and must be able to master the realm of forex in depth.

If we just learn, will we immediately understand and can immediately master the realm of forex? Not necessarily right! Therefore, it is appropriate for every trader to study the forex world even further. And this, maybe it should be done for months!

Like what methods can be done to learn forex trading?

Although somewhat abstract for some people, learning forex trading can actually be done in many ways and many ways. One of them is by reading the trading instructions provided by the broker, or by reading the latest articles about the forex world such as what we wrote on our website.

Of all the writings you read, of course you can draw conclusions and insights that can help you to go further in the forex world, right? When you have done this from far away, your steps are right! However, don’t be complacent. The reason, it is very possible if there are still sciences that you might not know about, and if you miss that vital information, maybe your journey to achieving success will be hampered. Surely, you don’t want your trading to lose because of mistakes like this isn’t it?

Studying forex to the more senior is allowed too! In fact, this is very good!

Every human being must have friends, acquaintances, partners, or colleagues.And it has become the law of the creator that humans will tend to be friends to the environment that the person likes. Like you, who is very likely to have one, two, five, or even dozens of friends who are also fellow traders.

This condition is certainly very beneficial for you! You can ask about everything you like, without feeling awkward because you are afraid of being considered a strange creature who is asking about the world of forex to them.

Out there, not a few people who finally succeeded because they were lucky to have friends who were loyal traders who helped him, and gave the best advice on the trading sessions of their comrades. Even so, not infrequently there are also “a group” of traders who experience successive losses because of the analysis they predict together, misses. Therefore, study wisely!

Not only learning about market analysis!Traders are also important to equip themselves with traders’ psychology!


Are you a businessman? If so, maybe you could taste a moment full of enthusiasm, ordinary moments, to a moment of despair. Although in other fields the moment can also be felt, the forex world seems more special.

For those of you who have a loud voice, you must be prepared to face the harsh reality that can happen at any time in the forex realm. Not a few traders who lost hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, tens of millions, up to billions in one night! If you experience this and are not ready for it, you can experience psychological shock.

When experiencing profits, too. You can just experience a moment of over confidence, and finally trade without first thinking carefully. Even though it looks good and has a sweet tip at the beginning, you will experience a mental shock if you cannot control this euphoria.

Therefore, as a trader you should equip yourself with insights about trader psychology. After all, even if you don’t have a strong enough analysis, you can still consider your steps while trading more calmly and not rashly after understanding this one thing. And the tip? You will get profit more easily!

Is it enough? No! You also have to learn a lot from the past!

As the saying goes, “the past is the best teacher”. This seems to be something you have to keep in mind, and you must remember carefully. Because, many senior traders argue that the world of forex is actually a broad world, but its “cause-and-effect event” only dwells on that thing.

For beginner traders, it might be a bit difficult to interpret the opinion of a senior trader. But the point is, novice traders are urged to pay attention to what the forex world events have happened in the past. It could be that the event will bring a significant effect on the movement of the chart today, and it could be that similar events will recur after a few years have passed.

This proves that learning forex trading requires precision and cannot be done carelessly.


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