Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex Trading

Learning Trading Forex is short for Foreign Exchange or it can also be called FX Market is a place to buy and sell currencies in countries in the world and is a market that has very large and very fast growth values ​​above the stock market. How to do and get the advantage of forex trading is the same when we trade stocks, namely buying at a low price ( buy low ) and selling at high prices ( sell high ). One of the advantages of forex trading compared to stock trading is that we do not have to worry about learning the microeconomics of each company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) whose numbers are above 500s because in the forex market we can easily choose the currency pairs to be traded based on a country’s macroeconomic conditions.

For example, you know the macroeconomic conditions of the United States and Europe, so you can easily predict where the movements of the currencies of the two countries are going to strengthen against the Euro (EUR) or vice versa and you can easily trade both currencies. this currency in the forex market by choosing whether to buy or sell based on the macroeconomic conditions with the trading mechanism such as the stock trading mechanism.
Another advantage of forex trading is that the market is always open 24 hours a day in five working days (Monday-Friday) while for weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is a holiday. Unlike on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), which is only open from 9 am to 4 pm to be able to trade company shares. So, even though we are employees or employees but still have a great opportunity to be able to generate income outside working hours. Besides that forex trading can also be done whenever and wherever you are because this trade is done online.
Now this is another advantage of forex trading that we can make a profit when the market is bullish (uptrend) or being bearish (downtrend) so it’s not like stock trading that we can only benefit if the stock price we buy moves up (uptrend) in value and but if the stock price we buy goes down (downtrend) then we will definitely experience a loss.

To start trading forex the way is very easy, namely just come to the broker online, register according to the procedure, and then we are ready to trade forex. If you are still in doubt about your forex trading skills then you can also use a demo account before using a real account that has been equipped with $ 50,000 virtual money to learn the trading mechanism and make profit.

You need to know that forex trading is the same as the foreign exchange business (forex), that is, by buying currencies (for example dollars) by selling currencies (for example rupiahs) or in short, also known as buying and selling foreign currencies, it’s only done online , more modern, and global.

For example, forex trading a Rupiah currency pair (IDR) – Dollar (USD) or abbreviated as USD / IDR with a rate of 10,000 (meaning: to be able to get $ 1 then we have to spend as much as Rp10,000, -) and you plan to buy USD / IDR with a volume of 1000 or will buy as much as $ 1000 dollars then you have to spend as much as IDR 10,000,000.

After a long time the currency rates of USD / IDR change to 14,000 and you also want to sell all the currency pairs so that you will get a profit of IDR 4000,000, which is obtained from the selling price of USD / IDR 14,000 minus the purchase price of USD / IDR 10,000 multiplied with a volume of USD / IDR 1000 so that a net profit of IDR 4000,000 is obtained, –

Please note that the intention to buy USD / IDR is that you buy the dollar (USD) and sell the Rupiah (IDR) and the purpose of selling USD / IDR is that you sell the Dollar (USD) and buy the Rupiah (IDR).

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