Learn FOREX Trading for Beginners

Learn FOREX Trading for Beginners

Learning forex trading can be started by opening a DEMO account that uses virtual money first before opening a REAL account that uses real money. And this is indeed something you have to do considering the large risks that can be accepted by every forex trader when running this business.
With a DEMO account we can easily understand how to buy / sell currency pairs in the market and know in detail how to record profits and reduce the risk of loss without having to incur real losses when opening a position . And the advantage of learning forex trading using a DEMO account is that we don’t have to lose money first when we are learning forex trading, especially at the introduction stage of the currency trading transaction system (forex trading) itself.

Besides learning forex trading you can start also by understanding in advance about the concept of what is forex and knowing when the right time to buy / sell currency pairs (currency pair) using the Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.
And for more details, here we will explain in detail some of the steps that are right for you when you will start learning forex trading, especially for you beginner forex traders.

# 1 First Step Learn Trading FOREX for Beginners

The first thing you have to do when learning forex trading is understanding and really understanding what forex is , some factors that can move the value of a currency pair, how to use trading indicators , margin and leverage , risk management, and some other things related to the forex trading business itself.
All of the above you can get through forex trading tutoring programs that are held by professional agencies or individuals and of course capital is needed to be able to follow them.
One important thing you need to know is that when you follow the tutoring of paid forex trading like that then you will accelerate the time to know and understand in detail about the mechanism of the forex trading business itself. So it can be said that the process of learning your forex trading runs more effectively and efficiently.
But remember! don’t get wrong choosing tutoring, choose forex trading tutoring held by professionals (proven to be able to make profit ) and don’t choose forex trading tutoring held by amateur forex traders even though you have to pay it at an inexpensive cost. And if you want to successfully run a forex trading business don’t ever think that learning to trade forex in a paid way is very expensive but think about what you will get to be able to successfully run this forex trading business later.
And but if you believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money and have a lot of time to learn forex trading then you can learn from forex trading learning tutorials that are found on the internet (FREE, one of them is on the learning page ) and you no need to pay a lot of money for this.

# 2 Second Step Learn to trade FOREX for beginners

After you understand what is called the forex trading business along with its materials, the next step of learning forex trading is that you have to find a broker that will be the place where you run this forex trading business. Choose a broker that can be trusted because a trustworthy broker is one of the keys to your success in running this business.

To find a broker that can be trusted then you can get information through referrals of forex traders who are more experienced through forums that discuss various types of forex brokers that are abroad or domestically.

Or you can also read a list of top forex brokers in the US and a list of top forex brokers in the UK .

If you are still confused, then please read the article about the right way to choose a forex broker and one of the ways to choose the right forex broker before choosing a forex broker. Why should you do this? You have to make this selection so you don’t meet with a scam forex broker or fraudster. And if we talk about forex scam bro, then please read our previous article entitled the characteristics of a forex scam broker and how to avoid it.

If I personally use FXCM forex brokers because based on experience while running a forex trading business I have never felt disappointed. In addition the broker FXCM is a regulated broker in the United States (US) and is listed on the NYSE exchange so I am more confident if this broker can be trusted as a partner when running a forex trading business.

For the matter of choosing the right forex broker we really have to be very careful and careful, don’t let the money we have collected with difficulty disappear / disappear just because we chose the forex broker wrongly.

Note: when you open a forex broker website other than those in Indonesia, you will need the help of a browser TOR or Anonymox Addons that you must install in the Mozilla or opera browser because the website is blocked by the Indonesian government. And to find out why it’s blocked.

# 3 Third Step Learning FOREX Trading for Beginners

After you find the right forex broker, the next step in the process of learning forex trading is to open a DEMO Account at the forex broker that you just selected earlier. And to open a DEMO account is very easy and there is no need for various requirements such as when opening a REAL account.Forex brokers will only ask for your email address for the purpose of confirming the opening of a DEMO account. And at that time you will immediately be able to use the DEMO account.

Later you will be given several trading platform choices by your forex broker, one of which is MetaTrader4 / MetaTrader5 or a trading platform owned by the forex broker itself.

Please install the trading platform on your PC / Laptop / Smartphone.

Then don’t forget to practice all the theories that you have learned before and at the same time you learn all the facilities that have been provided by forex trading platforms, especially how to use several forex trading indicators.

Before you leave the DEMO account to move to the REAL account, please evaluate the learning outcomes of forex trading that you have done before. Does the forex trading learning result show that you are indeed ready to open a REAL account (able to record profits consistently), still have to continue to learn forex trading, or vice versa which is to leave the forex business forever.

Note: Even though you are using a DEMO account but remember you have to run it as if you were using a REAL account. Because the attitude of learning your forex trading when using a DEMO account will reflect your attitude when running this forex trading business further. When you learn forex trading with an attitude that is not serious, it could be that when you run a forex trading business, you will also do it not seriously, so that the results you get later are a big loss.

# 4 Fourth Step Learning FOREX Trading for Beginners

The final step in the process of learning forex trading after you are sure that you are ready to run a forex trading business is to open a REAL account which of course the capital you will use later is real capital / money. When you will open a REAL account, your forex broker will ask for some data, including self identity, account number, and some other supporting documents (for example: proof of electricity payment etc.).

After you open a REAL account, you must enter / deposit funds into your account according to your business needs .

For deposit matters you can do it through several methods, including Credit / Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Wire, Skrill, or other methods according to the facilities provided by each forex broker.

After you open a REAL account then deposit into the forex trading account then you are ready to run the forex trading business and HAPPY CUAN.

For the first step up to the third you can do it in parallel and do not have to be done individually because the DEMO account is indeed used for beginners to learn forex trading.

Have you finished learning the process of forex trading if we have run the process of learning forex trading from the first step up to the fourth step above? The answer “No” the learning process of forex trading above can be said is the first step we learn how to run the forex trading business itself.

The process of learning forex trading will never stop only until the first step up to the fourth step there. Why? because the name of the forex market is dynamic or variable. So that we as forex traders must continue to run the process of learning forex trading continuously until we decide to get out of this business.

The next step of the forex trading learning process above is knowing how to run a forex trading business in the right way, namely how to run a forex trading business based on fundamental analysis or technical analysis. So, when we learn about fundamental analysis and technical analysis in the forex trading business, we have to continue to run the process of learning the next forex trading.

So in essence, the process of learning forex trading will never end as long as we want to run the forex trading business itself. And the process of learning forex trading will end if we don’t want to run the forex trading business again. Just it!

If you are a beginner and are still hesitant to open a REAL account or run this forex trading business, then please ask them the forex traders who are experienced and successful in running this business or please leave a comment in the comments column of course.

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