Is Forex Trading really profitable?

Is Forex Trading profitable? 

Please give an honest answer according to your experience during forex trading and how much the loss is.


Forex Trading is very complex, it’s easier stocks…

My background is Data Scientist and Programmer, now I am struggling in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but I am very happy in the world of finance and investment, I was hype with algorithms and Expert Advisors (EA robots) that I made when backtested from a capital of $100 to 116 million dollars.

It feels like you are Iron Man, all patterns are read and solved! And after immersing it in a real account, for a few months, everything went well, from $15 to $200, I even published it on mql5 dot com and a lot of people copied trades, I got pretty good from the copy trade fee. But at the end of the Margin Call, ask why? because greedy, small capital wants a big return, from $ 15 to $ 200, from $ 200 to $ 2000, and so on, yes sometimes you can make it, but often ends up tangled.

Profit or loss depends on the knowledge you master.

Many gain, many lose.

Everything has to be mastered first, if you follow along, you will lose.

I once lost at the beginning of forex trading, I was unable to control my emotions. If you buy or sell haphazardly.

I’ve had margin calls many times.

How much loss did I suffer because of my recklessness? So many…

I am constantly learning how to control myself so I can minimize mistakes. Slowly I learned to control myself.

In the end, I thought I should not be directly involved in buying and selling decisions, let the robots represent me.

Finally, I looked for a reference to make a robot, still losing… he.. he.. he. Because I just made a robot but my emotions are still embedded in the robot, open buy is still brutal.

I finally kept learning and learning, and until one point I came to a conclusion, I had to make a conservative robot.

I made the parameters so tight, I made the stop loss too tight. The result is still a loss. It’s not a loss in trading but a loss because of the VPS rental, the rent doesn’t come back because for 6 months there have been no open buy or sell transactions.

Learn more, how to make good and correct parameters? Finally, it worked, but not maximal. But VPS costs can be covered and there are results even if only a little.

How about the total loss from the beginning until now? It’s still a loss, the initial capital hasn’t returned but it’s getting more reliable. It’s a robot, but I don’t know how long….😁.

If you are afraid to lose, don’t trade forex or stocks

If you are afraid to lose, don’t trade forex or stocks that are high risk, high gain, the higher the risk, then, of course, the winner is getting smaller but still, someone will be at the top because that person takes advantage of opportunities and risks to achieve profit without confusing themselves with other people’s opinions

if you are curious maybe you can try paper trading or trading simulations or use small money for trading and especially you have to be able to manage finances and investments if you want big profits and also risk management without that you just need to find a consultant or broker who can give you advice in return commission

The benefits are worth it if you are willing to sacrifice for learning and of course for long-term investment

Is chili trading profitable or not? The answer is sometimes profit, sometimes loss. 

Forex trading is like that too. Big or small. Depends on how big and small you are? And it will all come back to you. How greedy are you? And how much do you finish your homework (homework) about your forex knowledge?

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