Important For Beginners! Get to know Forex Affiliate Businesses and IB Brokers

Important For Beginners! Get to know Forex Affiliate Businesses and IB Brokers

Get to know Forex Affiliate Businesses and IB Brokers

Forex Affiliate Business and IB Broker – Being a beginner forex trader must be more active in finding out things related to the forex world. Because if you find out more, there are still many things to know one of them is getting to know forex affiliate business and IB Broker.

There are so many opportunities for you to get profit in the world of forex, but the most common and well-known is trading. But, do you know? Not only can you register as a trader, but you can also run an online forex business to increase your profit in the world of forex.

The easiest online forex business and also the potential to get profit is by partnering with a broker. Being a broker partner, you will try to introduce and also market brokerage services to prospective clients. Instead you will be given a bonus or commission when someone registers.

The broker partnership program at this time has been very diverse and has also been equipped with advantages that are adjusted to the conditions of its clients. In general there are 2 types of forex broker affiliate programs namely forex affiliate business and IB Broker.

Forex Affiliates

Forex affiliate is the earliest level of the broker partnership program. To be able to join an affiliate is not difficult, you only need to register as a partner in the broker that has been chosen. Furthermore, you will be given an affiliate link and also promotional material from the broker to be able to run an online affiliate business. If it turns out the client registers for an account through an affiliate link then the broker will give you a bonus.

IB Broker

Whereas IB Brokers, are partnership programs that are not much different from affiliates. Because the IB also functions as the party that will introduce brokers to prospective clients. However, IB online businesses have more work descriptions than forex affiliates. The task of the IB will not only direct the client to register with the broker, but will also provide informative guidance regarding the service to the broker. Because there are more responsibilities, the IB bonus will be greater than the affiliates who only have the client register the broker account.

Benefits of Doing Affiliate Business and IB Brokers

The forex world holds a lot of profit opportunities for those who want to learn and find out more about the business branch of forex. Whether as a side income or principal, there are many loopholes that can be used if you really want to learn how to manage it. Affiliate businesses and IB Brokers can be an opportunity to get enough profits.

The amount of income of affiliate businesses and also IB Brokers can be up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Profit will depend on how many clients have been collected. Online business competition in the field of forex is also considered quite high, but also the rules are not as strict as online businesses in the retail field. So that it will be easier for you to get market share in online forex business. In addition, you can also get 3 additional benefits as follows:

1. Do not have to have large capital

To do affiliate business and IB, you will greatly benefit because you do not need to use large capital until you have to apply for a loan with the bank. Because you can run this business individually with very affordable capital.

2. Facilities provided are ready to use

A forex broker that gives his client the opportunity to run a forex affiliate business and the IB will provide the facilities and features that his client will need. Whether it is related to promotional material, statistics or even banners that will be placed on the client’s website, everything is provided and you can just use it for the benefit of forex affiliate online businesses and IB Brokers.

3. The bonus given will always vary

The best forex brokers will be very flexible when providing a bonus reward system. You can choose an eye partnership program which will provide bonuses per deposit or per trade. Broker bonus can also be calculated from payments directly or even when spread sharing.

For example, the broker you have chosen turns out to provide 2 partnership programs with each 30% bonus provided from the client’s trading spread or $ 100 for each client who has just made a deposit. For the first type, the commission or bonus will usually be given each client will close the trading order. As for the second, the broker will give a bonus or commission when the client has completed the first deposit process.

Is running an affiliate forex business and IB difficult?

If you ask the above question, then the answer is no. Because running an affiliate forex business and IB tends to be very easy. You only need to use social media as much as possible and also build your own website to be able to promote your brokerage service. Or you can also directly to invite friends who are interested in exploring the world of forex.

Examples of bonuses or commissions that will be given to each client’s trading:

  • The bonus will apply to every client transaction, whether loss or profit.
  • The bonus will apply with a minimum pip> 3
  • Big bonus is 8 $ / Lot

Bonus calculation:

  • You managed to recruit 20 clients.
  • Then each client will trade with 5 standard lots every month.
  • Then the lot calculation is, the amount of Lot: the first 20 clients x 5 Lot = 100 Lot
  • So that the bonus you will get is 100 Lot X 8 $ = 800 $ / month

In order for online forex affiliate business and IB to run smoothly, it’s good you choose a forex broker that does have interesting specifications for prospective traders later. You should also consider the quality and credibility of brokerage services, because this can reduce problems that can be experienced by clients.

That is the discussion about forex affiliate businesses and IB Brokers. If you are already professional and also skilled in teaching trading, you can become a mentor or open a special forex trading class. But if you turn out to be very careful in processing the analysis with a fairly high level of accuracy, you can try to become a trading signal seller. While if you are very happy in the field of tinkering with trading software, you can try to do forex affiliate business and IB Broker.

Thus, it is clear that the world of forex is not narrow, there are many profit opportunities that you can get. So if you are a beginner, learn diligently and discipline in order to get maximum profit and according to your wishes when running a forex business.

Increasingly Fierce Competition and Other Things in the Affiliate Business / IB

Affiliate and IB businesses are interesting, but don’t forget that they also require struggle and capital to compete, given that the competition in this business is getting higher and fiercer, which certainly can further erode profits. In addition, the legality factor should also be calculated if you really want to be serious in this partnership business, because the latest laws and regulations have regulated this business in order to prevent bogus investments that lead to fraud.

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