How to successfully trade

How to successfully trade?

Already countless legendary investment figures proving the tremendous potential that can only be found in the world of paper assets – from George Soros (world richest # 80), Carl Icahn {# 46), Li Ka-shing {# 11), to Warren Buffet {The world’s # 1 Billionaires – Forbes 2008). Paper assets are probably the only democratic place on the planet. He never questioned his investors as men or women, young people or parents, who had academic titles “along the train” or did not graduate from elementary, Ethiopian or American, even “whole” or disabled people. All the same in the eyes of the market.

But has it ever crossed your mind, if so, why so many stories about the failing people around us? Try you notice …, generally those who fail when given questions such as:

  • What is your time horizon in investing?
  • What parameters do you use?
  • When is the right time to buy or sell?
  • What shares are the right to buy or sell?
  • What are the reasons behind the decision?
  • What is the risk: reward ratio used?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Etc

No matter how many questions you ask, generally all are answered clearly and briefly: “Do not know!”. In fact, often the answer seems a bit bitchy. Maybe the emotion of losing being questioned is also different. But anyway, it is an honest answer. Unfortunately that situation will eventually distinguish successful people from those who fail.

I realize how many people are more interested in short moments in the trading world, rather than investing that takes longer to reap the rewards. There is nothing wrong with either type. Many successful figures from trading and investing. For example: George Soros is a more investor-oriented type of Trading, while Warren Buffet is purely a long-term Value Investor. This means that both offer the same chance for success …., as long as done in a way that is true and consistent.

However, there is another group of people who are not trading or Investing. These are the people who “throw” their money into the stock or forex world by relying on feelings, much like the characteristics of amateur gamblers. They close their eyes tightly, from the heart to the ankles, to the knowledge that should be learned first in order to gain the skills necessary for success. Sometimes they also rely heavily on hot-tips from the left-right, just to fulfill the desire to “get rich quick.” Trading without first understanding Technical Analysis is like “a blind man crossing a road unguided”. Of course this is very dangerous! -Unless you master the magic as Chow Yun Fat shows in the movie God of Gamblers.

John F. Carter, an investment expert, once remarked that this unsupported Trader is like a deer powerless amidst a lion of lions. The question is not “If” the deer is torn and swallowed alive-but more precisely “When?”.

Hopefully the prospective traders who have not plunge and plan to pursue the world of stocks, indexes or forex are willing to take the lesson from the short story above, so in the end, there is no need to pay for a very expensive lesson-just for an “experience” word.

wall street
Wall Street

On Wall Street there is a saying that says: “The market always be there for you, are you always be there for the market?” It means: You do not have to rush in investing, relax … You are like being in an All You Can Eat restaurant, where the opportunity will never run out. The important thing is: first prepare yourself as well as possible.

Rest assured that success in paper assets has nothing to do with how much capital you have now, or how high your IQ Test results. All it takes is an enthusiastic attitude to keep learning and learning-without knowing the word ‘surrender’-with patience and discipline, success is just a matter of time!

No matter what your preferred investment instrument, from Stock to Futures, from Options to Bonds, Forex or Commodities, all require knowledge of Technical Analysis. Through this moment, I try to help as much as possible, by sharing experience and knowledge about Technical Analysis that I get during my investment in paper asset.

This article is prepared wholeheartedly to help you understand the best time-tested techniques and strategies. A step by step explanation, complemented by easy-to-understand examples, will give you an unimaginable picture. Such knowledge is required for every investor or trader to avoid and mistakes that should not have happened.


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