How to Register (Registration), Verify, and Login InstaForex Live Account


How to Register (Registration), Verify, and Login InstaForex Live Account

How to register accounts InstaForex live ( real ), verification and registration. Still discussing the world of Forex or online currency trading (buying and selling). After yesterday we discussed in detail how to register, verify, and log in to FBS Forex, this time we will discuss one of the best Forex websites, namely InstaForex.
One of the advantages of InstaForex compared to other trusted Forex websites is that InstaForex provides an immediate bonus of $1000 on a real account ( real account) the first time you register. Therefore, many are interested and register and register with InstaForex.
After Forexsignal30 tried it, it turned out that the $1000 dollar bonus that we got actually went into our InstaForex balance. We can actually use this balance for trading. It is not wrong that Forexsignal30 chose InstaForex as one of the best and most trusted brokers in Indonesia.
Come on, let’s see how to register a real account ( trading account ) at InstaForex, a company that has the slogan as the best broker in Asia.

How to Register InstaForex Account

  1. First, please go to the link Open a Trading Account
  2. Second, fill in your personal data in the form of full name, email address and active phone number (try to fill in the original data because it will be used for verification) then click ” Open Account “
  3. menu Get instruction letter is optional only. If you check it, you will get notifications ( updates ) periodically about InstaForex in Email. If it’s unchecked, that’s okay.
  4. After that, we will be given Account data, Password, and Trading Server via email and SMS, save the data carefully.
  5. Please click ” Client Cabinet ” to enter the InstaForex dashboard page.
  6. Done, we have a real InstaForex account.
  7. After having a real InstaForex account, we cannot trade, deposit or withdraw. The step we have to do is verify. Note that there are two verification steps in InstaForex that we have to go through and the InstaForex system takes a maximum of 72 hours to process our application. So, be patient, hey!

How to Verify InstaForex Account Using ID Card

  1. On the client sidebar cabinet page (dashboard), please select the menu ” Account Settings “, then select ” Account Verification “
  2. This page will explain the two stages of verification required. The first is to upload identification documents such as ID cards, passports, or so on.
  3. The trick is in the First Verification Stage, upload two photos of your ID card, passport, driver’s license, or other identification (viewed from the front and viewed from the back)
  4. Then click ” Upload ” and wait for the verification email from InstaForex stating that your account has been verified in the first stage.
  5. After the first stage is complete, then go back to the same page (Client Cabinet) and verify the second stage
  6. In the Second Verification Stage, please upload a document stating your residential address, you can use your ID card or driving license again, because both documents state your residential address.
  7. Click ” Upload ” again and wait for the verification process to complete (maximum 72 hours or 3 days)
  8. If there is an InstaForex verification problem (account has not been verified after 72 hours, please contact InstaForex Indonesia technical support at  or email address.
When you have registered with InstaForex and verified, the next step is to log in to InstaForex.

How to Login InstaForex Real Account to MetaTrader

  1. Please download one of the MetaTrader applications, it can be for WindowsMac, or Android
  2. Previously we have got Account data, Trading Server, and Password at the time of registration. use the data to log in to InstaForex in MetaTrader.
  3. Open the MetaTrader application.
  4. For example, our server is InstaForex-USA, then select InstaForex-USA on the available server options, as well as if we get InstaForex-UK.
  5. Don’t forget to enter the appropriate account name and password, then click Login.
  6. Done, you have successfully entered the client cabinet of the InstaForex real live (trading) account.
Those are the steps for registration (registration), verification, and InstaForex login. The thing to note when we get a $1000 bonus from InstaForex is that we can use the bonus as a deposit to trade on a real account, we can also benefit from the bonus, but when we want to make a withdrawal, we can only do it when we have traded with minimum 3 pips.
Actually, InstaForex has its own trading account, it’s called InstaTrading. But because Forexsignal30 is already used to using MetaTrader, so in this tutorial, what we will discuss is how to login InstaForex on Metatrader 4 or 5 (mt4 or mt5). But you can read the article on how to login into the following InstaTrader.
It’s quite heavy because usually beginners are advised to trade only 0.1 to 0.5 pips. But with such a big bonus, as long as we believe, we can pray for luck, :). Don’t forget to read the following interesting articles, OK?