How to Learn Forex Using a Scalping Strategy

How to Learn Forex Using a Scalping Strategy

How to learn Forex – In this article, I will share the advantages and disadvantages of using a trading system with scalping style in forex trading. In this article, we will only discuss generally about scalping strategies. This trading system will potentially help traders to make quick profits on the forex market.

One thing that Forex traders must know is that a scalping strategy is a strategy system that is often used by some traders.

“Scalping strategy is a trading method in Forex trading that is used by traders to enter and exit the market in a very short time or period and only aims to get small pips.”

If we are only able to guess the rate of price movements, with the question that often arises “is the price currently in a bullish or bearish trend?”

Many professional forex traders use a scalping trading system to get substantial profits. But many beginner traders also use a scalping trading system to get a quick profit, because this trading system only requires a short period of time.

Traders who use scalping trading systems are called scalpers.

Usually there are some forex traders who need a long time to make a one-time transaction in the forex market, but scalpers only take a few minutes or even a few seconds when making a transaction.

Scalpers open trading positions in one day. This trading system is quite useful for forex traders who do not have much time because they will quickly close trading positions in a matter of a few minutes.

Many forex traders say this strategy is commonly used by professional traders in Forex trading.

Say, the target point of the scalping strategy is only around 5-10 pips per trade. Even the scalpers only aim to get very small points.

Basically this trading system is a very profitable method, where the use of money management and discipline is an important capital in a scalping strategy. Usually a scalping strategy uses a large lot size.

The use of scalping strategies is recommended only to be used in the morning and evening when the market is in a sideways situation.

A scalper type trader requires a high enough concentration to make a decision to get a quick profit on the forex market. So this strategy cannot be done during peak hours.

Advantages of Scalping strategy

– Only takes a little time and can be done in just a few minutes.

– Not too worried to hold the open position too long.

– Getting a small point will be easier.

Weakness of Scalping strategy

– Potential to be stressful because they use large lots

– This is not easy to do to open positions continuously and consistently.


– Flexible and speed are the main factors for doing a scalping strategy.

– Make sure you can concentrate calmly without any interference from the surrounding environment.

– Make sure you have a good internet connection because you have to trade quickly.

– If you are a beginner trader, you must practice and try this strategy on the demo account first.

– Have a good money management system for this strategy.

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