How to Interpret the Price Model in Forex Trading

How to Interpret the Price Model in Forex Trading

The price model can be identified in the order of candles that appear on the chart of technical analysis. These models can be used by forex traders to analyze past price movements. Then then predict future prices on certain forex trading instruments.

Consider the price model.

Price Model in Forex Trading

The duration of the forex price model is an important consideration when analyzing price movements in the future. The price model can appear on any chart period, from the tick chart, 60 minutes, daily, weekly or annual chart.

Models that emerge from a longer period of time are generally more reliable. Usually the movement will be greater when it penetrates the price model that is formed. Therefore, the nutrient model that develops on the daily chart is expected to produce big steps. Likewise, the model formed on the monthly chart tends to cause prices to move larger than the same model on the daily chart.

The price model will appear when forex traders buy and sell at a certain level. And because of that prices will oscillate between these levels, then create price model models such as flags, pens and the like.

When prices have not come out of the price model, then the movement will only represent a change in market sentiment. The longer the duration, the buyer must push the price to break the area above resistance. And sellers must push prices to break the area below support. So the price will move definitely when prices do not consolidate in both areas. After that, the price will continue to move in the direction that has been set, and move substantially.


Similarly, prices will usually move in a price model that can be useful. This is to analyze the validity of the price model, and can predict the possible size of the price to do the breakout phase.

Volatility is a measure of the type of price over time. Larger price movements will usually show an increase in volatility. That is a condition that can be interpreted as a battle between bearish trying to push prices down, and bullish trying to push prices up. Models that show a greater degree of slope than volatility are likely to produce prices that move significantly. That is after the price comes out of the formed model.


Size is another consideration when interpreting the price model in forex trading. This indicates the number of units of certain trading instruments that have been moving for a certain period of time. Usually, the size of the trading instrument will be displayed in the form of a histogram that appears below the price chart.

Size is very useful when measured relative to prices in the past. Changes in the number of purchases and sales that occur can be compared and analyzed. Any size activity that deviates from the norm can provide guidance for future changes at the next price.

If the price stops above or below the resistance or support area, and is accompanied by a sudden increase it will usually be represented on the size. A price movement without a real increase in size, has a much greater chance of failure. That’s because there is no enthusiasm when the price moves.

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