How to Install MetaTrader 4 on PC (Windows) Without Complicated


How to Install MetaTrader 4 on PC (Windows) Without Complicated



How to install MetaTrader on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Previously we have discussed online investment. One type of online investment that is trusted and recommended for beginners is a stock investment. However, most beginners are still hesitant to invest, especially to play stocks because it requires a lot of capital with a fairly high risk of loss.
But as technology develops, it becomes easier for us to do everything, one of which is that now we can easily invest in stocks using only a cellphone or laptop (PC).
In this article, Forexsignal30 has recommended several Forex trading websites that are highly recommended for beginners because apart from being trusted and proven to pay, the five websites also provide free bonuses for newbie registrants.
For example, there is FBS which provides a no deposit bonus of $123 and a welcome bonus of $50 for new registrants. Then there is InstaForex which crazily gives a no deposit bonus of $1000 for free! Wow, hurry up and register with InstaForex and FBS before the bonus runs out!
Talking about online forex trading, of course, we need a ‘combat tool’, namely the software used to execute our orders (trading). The name of the software for online forex trading is MetaTrader, specifically MetaTrader 4.

Why So Many Use MetaTrader 4?

Why choose MetaTrader 4? Even though there is MetaTrader 5? because MetaTrader 4 is more stable and has been used by more brokers in it. Some brokers provide trading servers in MetaTrader 4 but do not open them in MetaTrader 5.
In addition, a responsive and easy-to-understand display is also the reason why MetaTrader 4 is still more widely used than MetaTrader 5. However, both have the same function, namely so that we can trade forex online.

How to Install MetaTrader 4 on Windows PC

Why has Forexsignal30 restricted this article to only installing MetaTrader 4 on Windows? Because to install MetaTrader 4 on Mac and Linux, the steps are slightly different. Both Forexsignal30 will explain in another article.
Now we focus back on the topic of the problem, namely how to install MetaTrader 4 on a Laptop.
  1. First, first go to the page
  2. Click on the ” Download MetaTrader 4 for PC and Create Demo Account ” button
  3. Ignore the term ” Create Demo Account “
  4. Open the downloaded file, double click on mt4setup.exe
  5. Click ” Next ” continuously like when we install other Windows applications
  6. If the license document appears, check the ” I Agree With All Terms of This License Agreement ” section.
  7. Click ” Next ” again and wait until the process is complete
  8. When finished, click ” Finish ” to close the MetaTrader 4 installation window
  9. Open the MetaTrader 4 application via a shortcut on the Desktop or via the menu on the Windows start button
  10. Finished


Those are the steps to Install MetaTrader 4 Windows. The article can be applied to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 9, 10, Home, Professional, Business, to Ultimate or Pro. If you want to know the steps to install MetaTrader on Mac OS (Macintosh) and Linux (Ubuntu), please read the following two articles:
That is all and thank you. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments column provided below. Don’t forget to read other important articles.