How to Download, Install, and Login InstaForex account


How to Download, Install, and Login InstaForex account


How to install InstaTrader for PC. Hello guys, back again with Yukampus, after yesterday we discussed how to Create an InstaForex Account, this time we will discuss how to download, install, and log in to an InstaForex real account via the InstaTrader trading platform.
Loh, why should InstaTrader? Shouldn’t it be in MetaTrader 4 or 5? :). So here you go, some Forex websites have their own trading platforms. For example, InstaForex has a platform called InstaTrading or OctaFX which has its own trading website.

What are the advantages of InstaTrader over MetaTrader?

Although basically both InstaTrader and MetaTrader have the same function, namely as a tool for trading digital currencies, InstaTrader has several advantages over MetaTrader as follows:
  • More stable because it is a self-made platform (InstaForex)
  • Has a more modern interface or appearance and does not seem rigid like MetaTrader
  • Easier in the process of logging into a trading account
  • and much more.
Indeed, both InstaTrader or MetaTrader, have their advantages. If you have a forex account on more than one website, for example, you also have an account with FBS, FortFS, etc., then you are better off installing MetaTrader 4 because it is a platform that can be used for multiple trading servers.
But if you want to focus on InstaForex only, it’s better to use InstaTrader as your trading platform.

How to Download and Install InstaTrader PC?

Where can we download InstaTrader software for PC? It’s very easy. Please refer to the following tutorial:
  1. First, access the following page
  2. Then on the MetaTrader 4 tab, please select ” Windows “
  3. Even though its name is MetaTrader 4, its contents are not MetaTrader multi-platform trading, but MetaTrader which has been modified specifically for InstaForex, which we know as InstaTrader.
  4. Install as when we install regular applications.
  5. Finished

How to Download and Install InstaTrader on Android?

Apart from having the InstaTrader platform on PC, InstaForex also provides a platform for Android. The purpose of developing this platform for Android is to facilitate the process of buying and selling digital currency.
We no longer need to carry a laptop with a heavy size everywhere, just install InstaTrader on Android or better known as InstaForex Mobile Trader so that we can monitor the movement of world currency rates.
  1. First, download the application on Playstore, InstaForex Mobile Trader
  2. Install like we install regular Android applications
  3. Finished

How to Login InstaForex Live Account in InstaTrader

Live accounts are real accounts. In the sense of FBS, InstaForex live accounts are the same as FBS Real accounts. This means that by using a live account, we can trade using our deposit or real money.
If we experience a loss, our money will run out, and if we get a profit, our money will increase and can be withdrawn. Unlike the demo account which is only a simulation.
Then, how to log in live account in InstaTrader? here’s how:
  1. After installing on a PC, open the InstaTrader application, or if you install it on Android, open the InstaTrader Apk application.
  2. Then your InstaForex account login page will appear. please fill in the trading account number and trading password found on the InstaForex Client Cabinet page (dashboard).
  3. Click ” login ” to enter
  4. We only log in once. Furthermore, when the trading application is closed, we will automatically log in to the account we last used (unless we log out, we have to re-login in the same way as number one).
  5. Finished
That’s the complete tutorial for Download, Install, and login in InstaTrader. Hopefully, this article is useful. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a live (real) InstaForex account, while there is still a no deposit bonus of $1000 that we can use for trading on real accounts.
Because at this time, the development of the forex world has come a long way. Many people make Forex brokers a place to invest online. Do you want to participate in online investment on Forex sites?
And don’t forget to read some other interesting articles about forex or online investing, yes.