How to Determine Forex Buy and Sell Positions on MT4 Android

How to Determine Forex Buy and Sell Positions on Mt4 Android

Buy and Sell are words that often appear in forex conversations, both formally and informally. This is very reasonable because trading activities always involve buy and sell positions.

But in the development of the MT4 platform which is increasingly sophisticated today. Forcing people to re-learn how to determine forex buy and sell positions on Mt4 android. This method needs to be further deepened because the display between Metatrader 4 computers and Android is slightly different.

Mt4 android as a new platform does have some limitations such as the number of indicators and screen width. we can not install external indicators because the android system does not support them. So traders who want to use external indicators must be patient for that.

Because the MT4 display on Android is relatively small, we must have a special way to be able to read the trend of price movements well.

Easy Ways to Read Price Trends on Android.

In forex trading, tracking the direction of the trend is of course very important in technical analysis. Traders must ensure the direction of the trend to determine the right buy and sell positions.

Is MT4 on Android able to detect the direction of the trend properly? That’s probably a frequently asked question.

In Mt4 android already installed several built-in indicators that can be used to track the direction of the trend properly. These indicators have been grouped into trend indicator groups such as moving averages. In addition, on MT4 android there is also a helpline, namely the trendline.

With these two tools, a trader can detect the direction of the trend well. Keep in mind that when we talk about the direction of the trend, we must include the position of the time frame and the period of the day or the start date of an up or downtrend.

This needs to be done so that the perception of each trader can function the same. Usually, the trend on the h1 time frame can be different from the h4 time frame. Therefore, it is necessary to explain with a clear definition.

To read the direction of the trend through the moving average indicator or the trendline line, there is no difference with the computer MT4.

Indicator For Buy and Sell Signals on Android.

In metatrader 4 android actually, there are also many indicators. But from all that you can choose several indicators that are suitable for buying and selling on Mt4 android.

In general, traders will use only a few indicators such as moving averages, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku, Fibonacci Lines, and Trendlines.

Experienced traders usually will not use all of these indicators because it will become dizzy and difficult to read entry signals. But the trader will choose the most convenient indicator for himself.

Keep in mind that every trader has a different psychology, memory, capture power. Therefore, in determining the best indicator, it depends on the trader himself. Some people are comfortable using Fibonacci, some may be comfortable only with trendlines. Anyway, it all depends on each trader.

Meanwhile, to read trend indicators, there is no difference between Metatrader 4 Android and PC. All are the same in the principle of using these indicators.

If you don’t understand how to use these indicators, please read the articles in JurnalForex. Because it has been discussed one by one on a basic basis.

How to Buy and Sell in Forex Trading on Mt4 Android.

Buy and Sell are the main activities in forex trading. Without these two options, there will never be a transaction.

The problem now is how to determine buy and sell positions in forex trading on MT4 Android.

With the existing limitations, can we still trade well? It must be admitted that using an android application for trading is not as comfortable as a PC or laptop metatrader.

However, as traders, we must be able to adapt because this is very useful if we are in a position in the field and want to keep doing forex trading transactions.

To determine a buy or sell position in Metatrader 4 Android, depends on the indicators used. Because there are so many indicators, on this occasion JurnalForex will only discuss 4 indicators, namely moving average, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, and Bollinger Bands.

How to Buy and Sell with the Moving Average Indicator on Mt4 Android.

In basic principle, how to use the moving average indicator on android and computer has no difference. This indicator will involve two or more moving average lines to read buy and sell opportunities.

The thing that needs to be done is to install moving average indicators with different periods. For example, this time JurnalForex will install moving average indicators for the 8th and 21st periods on the exponential chart.


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