How To Calculate Earnings In A Foreign Exchange Trade

How To Calculate Earnings In A Foreign Exchange Trade



In contrast to the Stock, futures, or options markets, calculating earnings within the FX market generally is a bit extra advanced. It’s because it’s important to switch earnings from the foreign currency you bought again into your property currency.

This idea is finest understood by an instance. So, for instance, you’ve 10,000 US dollars, and for instance, the EURUSD is trading at 1.5000. Because of this 1 euro buys you 1.5000 US dollars — or, conversely, one US dollar buys you 0.667 euros (1 / 1.5 = 0.666). So, together with your 10,000 US dollars, you’ll be able to purchase about 6,666.66 euros.

Now, for instance, the EURUSD exchange charge jumps as much as 1.5500 — which means that one euro can now purchase you 1.5500 US dollars. Because the euro rose in worth because you made your buy, now you can Sell your euros for extra dollars than you initially bought them with. In different phrases, you made a profit!

To comprehend your profit, all you should do is convert the 6,666.66 euros you now have again into US dollars. Since one euro now buys you 1.5500 US dollars, you’ll be able to merely multiply your quantity of euros — 6,670 — by the exchange charge (1.5500). The result’s 10,333.33. So there you’ve it — a profit of 333.33 US dollars!

Profiting By Selling an Online Currency (aka “Going Brief”)

Barely extra concerned are transactions wherein you go short — in different phrases, wherein you imagine the exchange charge goes to fall. In such a state of affairs, what you might be really doing is borrowing the currency you imagine goes to fall in worth. So, for instance, you borrow the equal of 10,000 US dollars when the EURUSD is trading at 1.5000. This implies you’ve borrowed about 6,666.66 euros, and have used these borrowed funds to buy 10,000 US dollars.

Now, let’s assume the exchange charge falls to 1.4500, and also you resolve you wish to exit the trade. To do that, you merely wish to exchange the 10,000 US dollars you bought again into euros on the new exchange charge. At a charge of 1.4500, your 10,000 US dollars buys you 6,896.55 euros. You now should repay the unique 6,666.66 euros you borrowed, leaving you with 229.89 euros. You then wish to convert this again into US dollars — your property currency — which, at an exchange charge of 1.4500, quantities to 333.33. That is your profit from the trade.

As you possibly can see, FX trades generally are a bit extra advanced than your typical Stocks or futures trade — however, should you take it step-by-step, you may see it is actually only a few simple math equations.



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