How to avoid defeat when trading Forex

How to avoid defeat when trading Forex


You certainly know what Forex is, right? Yes, one type of investment and trade is indeed rampant in Indonesia, as proof, you can see how the development of Indonesian Forex brokers is today. However, as with other investments and trade, Forex also has a high risk. These risks can be detrimental to you, even if you can’t spend all of your margins.

Well if your capital is up, your gift is worth losing. And you know, that almost 90% of traders succeed with defeat. Therefore, as early as possible you must prepare a strategy or a special way to avoid defeat. Then, what and how are the strategies implemented? well as for how to avoid defeat when trading Forex yourself are as follows:

1. Always to use stop loss

This way you will avoid infinite losses. Because, in this way, your losses will be muted and will not increase. Therefore, when you use this method, you will not suffer large losses. However, if you do not use a stop loss, then you are against the market system. Well if it’s like this, then be prepared to lose and lose capital.

2. Avoid overconfidently

When you trade, you should do it with an accurate and accurate analysis. Also, avoid excessive self-confidence. Why? because when you are overconfident like this, then you will lose good self-control. Well if it is so, then you will trade carelessly and carelessly. And of course, this will cause harm to you.

3. Avoid overtrading

How to prevent confusion in trading is sometimes often overlooked. Because sometimes a trader often lusts more to achieve a big profit. As a result, he also trades again and again regardless of the risk of a threat that threatens. And generally, when they over-trade they will suffer losses.

4. Trade according to the right moment

Actually, in trading, you don’t need to enter every day. You just have to monitor the market with applications that are already like the Metatrader 4 platform. Now if the moment already exists, and is considered to be profitable, you can go straight to the market and trade.

5. Use a simple trading system

You need to remember when using a trading system, you need to understand and understand the system. So do not ever use a difficult trading system, especially tend to make you confused.

6. Understand the effects of fundamental news

The way to avoid the next trading defeat is to know and understand the fundamental news that is developing.

7. Understand fundamental techniques

In trading, besides understanding the fundamental news clearly and well, you also have to use good fundamental techniques too. Well if you combine these two things, you will likely experience profits and avoid losses.

8. Use good fund allocations and arrangements

In doing any business, you need a good and appropriate fund allocation. Now in this way, you will be able to easily manage and deal with the allocation of funds that you will use. Besides that, you also need to understand about using the right Money Management.

9. Pay attention to breaks

The way to prevent the next trading defeat is enough rest. Yes, although this does not directly affect market conditions and trading. However, when you lack rest, you will experience pain. Now if you are sick, chances are that you will experience losses because you are wrong in analyzing the market.

10. Keep trying and never give up

You need to remember. That is a game and business nothing is abolished. In other words, even if you lose now, it doesn’t mean that when you try again you will lose too. You could have won, even the result of the victory could have covered yesterday’s loss. Well for that, keep trying and never give up.

Now as for how to prevent defeat in trading Forex you should try, especially for those of you who are still beginners. Why? because for a beginner, just enthusiasm doesn’t matter. Why? because you still need the techniques, strategies, and skills that are qualified to get into this Forex market.

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