Have you ever seen or heard of someone going broke because of Forex trading?

Have you ever seen or heard of someone going broke because of Forex?

Okay, I’ll tell you a little about what I’m going through. With the question “Have you ever seen or heard of someone going bankrupt because of Forex trading?”

The answer: yes.. it can. I have been trading in forex (exchange) for about 7 years.

From all of that, I have done various ways, from technical trading techniques and robots which are said to be very merciful, profitable, best, anti-loss. With a price that is not cheap for me personally, namely: for $100 for 1 forex trading robot.

With that much money, I believe to put more of my money in forex.

Over time, I also attended many seminars on foreign exchange trading methods and techniques, because I like seminars.

Of all the kinds of knowledge that I have gained from the seminars that I have attended, I have spent around 100 million more on the knowledge of the seminar.

From my experience. Even from the best trading techniques, you can still lose, you can still lose, and no one promises you will profit or win 100%. The most basic knowledge for such trading is “PESICOLOGICAL” psychological problems. If we are people who are easily emotional, then we ourselves will pick up the defeat.

And also I have traded with EA forex robots like…

Even then we will be able to experience losses, even more losses than our manual trading.

Because the robot only runs the capital that we put to trade. However, robots will not be able to handle a market that is in a drastic decline or has fallen sharply for a long time. He will always open a position every time the target is not achieved.

However, I have experienced something like this, namely loss in the congregation, or loss together.

My friend and I are contemporaries in the trading world, he also uses different robots and different vendors. But what?… He still has the same loss as me.

I’m from the old generation, I’ve experienced something like this with bankruptcy so deep that we don’t have the capital to live daily.

Until us, forex trading will still be able to 100% make you bankrupt.

One key to success from me, which I take from the experience is PHYSIOLOGY.

BECAUSE THE PHYSIOLOGY CONTROLS ME, which regulates our emotions in business and currency trading. With good psychology, good money management will emerge.

Hope it is useful. thank you

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