Free Forex Online Technique – 77% Success Price

Free Forex Online Technique – 77% Success Price

Good day, I am a Foreign Exchange dealer for about three years. If you’re like me you most likely tried each Foreign Exchange system out right here. Nonetheless, at the finish of the month, I discovered myself dropping Money like at all times. Lastly, someday I made a decision to make my very own trading system as I used to be so uninterested in all of the techniques I’ve tried that did not work. This method may be very simple to implement and it does not require to remain glued on the monitor all day to attend for a signal. You may test each now and again to see if circumstances are met. Earlier than implementing this technique you have to learn about Fibonacci’s retracement and pivot factors. In the event you do not already know to Google it as a result of that is past the aim of this text.

forex reversal strategy

Some folks use Fibonacci, others use pivot factors, Moving averages or {trend} strains. My system is about an environment-friendly combining of all these technical analysis strategies.

You will want to setup 2 charts:

1)H1 chart

220 ema(close)

59 ema(close)

2) M15 chart

220 ema(close)

56 ema(close)


200 ema(H1 or 15 min), 55 ema(1h or 15 min), spherical numbers(like 1.3200), necessary pivot factors(S1,R1,M1,M2,M3,M4), Fibonacci’s retracement(39%,52%,64%)

Any time you discover a confluence of at the very least three of the above signals there’s you are trade.

Stop loss: 25 pips

Goal: 35 pips

Instance: As an instance that 200 ema on the 1h chart is at 1.3229, 1.3235 is 50% Fibonacci’s retracement of an earlier up transfer and the M1 reversal pivot level is at 1.3232 and present EUR/USD worth is 1.3252.

Place a purchase order close to the confluence (purchase 1.3237 SL:1.3222 goal:1.3281)

This method is all about discovering sturdy reversal factors by implementing completely different technical analysis strategies that traders use.

In a future article, I’ll write extra about refining targets utilizing Fibonacci extensions.

Good luck



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