Forex Trading Strategy: An Introduction to Price Action Trading

Forex Trading Strategy: An Introduction to Price Action Trading

What’s Price Action?

That is the artwork of constructing your trading selections primarily based on studying the worth motion on the chart. That is carried out with no indicators, the one factor that basically ought to be on the chart ought to be your Support and Resistance areas.

Now keep in mind by ‘Action’ in Price Action, we’re referring to the motion of price on any given chart. Bear in mind, every single chart tells the story of a battle between the Bulls (the Buyers) and the Bears (the Sellers). That is what each single chart exhibits (Forex or in any other case). What influences the motion of price are traders making trading selections (manual or automated).

Price Action exhibits you the freshest market sentiment as a result of it is occurring properly there in entrance of your eyes! Utilizing indicators is usually lagging, which is why generally you’ll enter a trade primarily based off an indicator hoping that it’s going to go nicely, solely to have price flip towards you! (By no means go right into a trade ‘hoping’ it’s going to go nicely, we’re searching for an excessive chance – low-risk trades, in different phrases, it is smart to execute!).

Price Action = Trading the CAUSE

As soon as I understood this, it was an actual penny drop second. I had been trading the EFFECT of price motion, which is why I had been inconsistent. Trading this manner meant that I might trade the reason for price motion and get in on the potential transfer very early on.

Methods to trade Price Action

There are 4 essential components to trading Price Action:

  1. Fundamental Analysis
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Support and Resistance
  4. Candlestick Analysis

On the floor, this may occasionally appear extremely overwhelming, however, after getting a transparent understanding of those components, you will note that they’re quite simple to do.

Allow us to now have a look at every one of those 4 components in additional element:

(1) Fundamental Analysis

That is extraordinarily necessary, all the time keep watch over the worldwide financial information, keep in mind we’re trading Forex, Foreign Exchange. We’re trading currency pairs, there are going to make certain world financial information occasions that may affect the motion of price.

(2) Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis in Price Action Trading, is recognizing sure patterns on the chart that will give a sign for a possible trade. Bear in mind, the charts are subjective, the explanation they transfer in the best way that they do is due to traders making trading selections.

Traders will have a look at a chart and see that previously price moved sharply down from a sure space, price is now reaching the identical space and they also look for a similar factor to occur. As Human Beings we’re all the time searching for patterns and similarities.

So, Technical Analysis is immensely necessary for understanding and figuring out potential trades. We search for these potential trades in areas of Support and Resistance.

(3) Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance are these areas on the chart the place we imagine there are heavy influxes of Buyers (at Support) and Sellers (at Resistance). These are our areas of trade alternatives, as they provide the very best chance – lowest threat trades.

This leads us to the ultimate piece of the puzzle, Candlestick Analysis.

(4) Candlestick Analysis

Candlestick Analysis, because the identify suggests is analyzing the candlesticks. We do that candle by candle so as to guarantee we’re conscious of the newest, the freshest and subsequently essentially the most correct market sentiment. That is why trading the upper time frames, is vital as a result of it exhibits us Price Action that spans a bigger period of time. In the event, you had two candles, a 5 min candle and a 12-hour candle, the one that will be of extra significance can be the 12-hour candle as a result of it represents an extended interval of Price Action.

So, there you will have it a quick introduction to Price Action. Research it, grasp it and grow to be persistently worthwhile.



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