Forex Trading Preparation

Many people think that forex trading requires large capital, this is certainly wrong. Especially nowadays many local investment companies are looking for customers to invest their money in the money market. The minimum amount of capital required is approximately $ 5,000 or 50 Million Rupiah. A large enough amount for some people. However, the paradigm of the people who are already circulating is very wrong. Not all forex transactions require very large capital.

In online forex trading, capital depends on the broker’s policy where we will deposit our money to be traded there. Usually at most brokers there are several types of accounts ranging from the Standard account ($ 10,000). For mini accounts ($ 1,000) and micro accounts (under $ 1,000). In fact, many brokers offer a minimum capital requirement of $ 1. 

Why do brokers want to provide bonus capital events? This is part of their promotion strategy. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a broker that provides free capital for trading.

However, it would be nice before you know very well about forex online trading, try not to enter funds or deposit first. Use free facilities from brokers who provide demo accounts to practice us to get to know the online forex market and also recognize the devices in the software of each broker.

Once you know what forex is, and you are interested in being involved in forex transactions. This is the time for you to prepare some things to start forex trading.

1. Internet connection

The internet connection is very clear is the absolute requirement that we must have before going into forex transactions. Lots of current providers who provide cheap internet service packages that are already fairly adequate. Just using a modem is enough with a standard connection to transact online trading. 

2. Have an Email account

This email account is used to register with one of the forex brokers. We recommend that you make a special email to register a forex trading account. Don’t use e-mail for your daily needs, facebook e-mail, blog or something else. Make several emails that are made for each of your forex trading needs.

3. Have a Bank Account

What is certain to remember, you must maintain and not carelessly use the bank account that you have. Currently there are many scams or hackers that can easily enter your account. 

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