Forex Trader Level, Where’s Your Position?

Forex Trader Level, Where’s Your Position?

Trader Level – Same thing is a large company that each employee has a certain level. In forex trading also turns out you can find the same thing. But the level of forex trading cannot be interpreted as a position within the company. But the level to know the ability of traders to trade forex.

For example, for beginner level traders who just joined and learned you can not equate it with traders who have been running for 2 years. Both in terms of knowledge, ability and experience, it is very clear that the two traders will have different levels. But as time goes by 2 traders can also reach the same level of traders.

The level of a trader is not something that is considered formal. But at this level you really need to pay attention and to what extent you are. Here is the level of the forex trader.

  • Forex Trader Level 0

For the first level traders are traders with level 0. At this level, most traders are still very beginners and in the stages of learning more about forex, either through books, or tutors and other sources. Even so, those in this stage can still be trusted as analysts in foreign exchange companies.

Because, traders who are in this level can master the analysis in a fundamental and also theoretically well. Not only that, traders can also convince other traders if forex trading will provide substantial profits for a short time. However, traders usually often forget and also neglect trading. So that people at this level will usually have no action talk only.

  • Level 1 Forex Trader

Next is the forex trader at level 1. At this level they usually already realize if the knowledge capital alone will not be able to provide maximum profit. So the most important thing is, traders not only understand the theory they have to master but traders can also do the action to achieve profit in accordance with the target.

While on the other hand, it is undeniable to gain profit in the forex market is not a young thing. There are times when lucky traders can or have not been lucky. So that a loss or profit in large numbers continuously is not predictable. If it turns out that you are in this stage and then can not reach profit maximally, still survive in order to further hone your ability and enter at the level of the next trader.

  • Level 2 forex trader

Enter at the level of forex trader at level 2. At this level traders have begun to realize if it turns out they not only have to trade if they do not have the ability to achieve profits consistently. Especially if at the level one level the mind of the trader has been affected by emotions to gain profit.

So with the awareness to achieve this profit can be a trader at this level will find a new system that can improve its trading strategy better. They can also search and try other indicators that are in accordance with their trading.

  • Forex trader level 3

Log in trader level 3, usually traders who already exist at the end of level 2 will begin to realize that the main problem is not located in a system only. But how can each tarder do money management properly. If a trader has the ability to be able to develop further his ability in trading then traders will usually start reading books or articles related to trading psychology and can identify any forex market symptoms that will appear based on the characters described in the book that traders have read .

  • Level 4 forex trader

If at the level 3 trader trader will only trader when the system gives sign or signal, at level 4 traders have more trading activities even when there is no signal.Usually the banker will start installing targets with profit for example around 20 points per day. If the trader has been able to do so consistently within a few weeks of eating a trader can increase his or her higher profit target, for example, it becomes 40 points per day. Although it will be quite difficult, but if the trader continues to do with his ability, in the end the target can be achieved consistently.

  • Forex trader level 5

Next is the highest level of a trader based on his level, namely level 5 traders. Traders who have succeeded at this level means that they have begun to realize that they can do trading activities very naturally and have mastered it as a whole.Traders can already understand market conditions. So when traders have open position, they just wait for time to then be able to see the extent of the movement of profit daru 2 digits up to 3 digits. This level of forex is considered very professional and has been anticipated by all traders. Because this is the top level to become a reliable trader.

That’s 5 levels of traders starting from 0 to the peak at level 5. If you are still in level 0, never stop learning either alone or from tutors and professional traders.Because after all time levels at level 0 can reach level 5. The good process will produce good results as well.

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