Forex Stigma in Society

Forex Stigma in Society

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Forex business has started to become a lifestyle in some societies. Although there is still a lot of stigma attached to this business, but the existence of this business is protected and regulated by law. Futures trading covering stock index, forex and commodities transactions are under the protection of Bappebti authorities, the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Some public stigma about forex business is the same forex as gambling, forex disadvantage, forex cheats, forex profit does not make sense and other stigma. Or you have a forex stigma that we have not mentioned yet? Please write in your comments …

Let’s examine one by one the stigma above.

First, forex is the same as gambling. We will not discuss this from the religious side and please you can find your own answer. But in terms of investments that contain elements of speculation (equation with gambling), forex still has a data instrument that can be analyzed. Even the data driving price is derived from economic data. In addition to historical data analysis (history), forex also has a prediction instrument / forecast / trends commonly used economic analysts do future economic projections. So Forex is not just a business of probability.

Second, forex is disadvantageous. All businesses must have two sides, namely profitability (profit) and risk (loss). Someone who jumped into a business, let’s first learn both sides. In the past, around 2000 to 2010, people who invest in forex less understand the risk factors that may occur. Forex transactions conducted by third parties, in this case marketing. Though marketing is not necessarily understand trading. They are just traders ‘karbitan’ who are given only one week training on trading and are required to find customers and then trading the customer’s money. As a result his trading account is losing and being badly affected is his forex business is considered to be detrimental.

Of course on the other hand, forex is also profitable.

Third, forex cheats. In the case above, a losing investor must feel cheated. The new investment runs one month, but the investment funds are paid out. Marketing a broker transactions without the knowledge of the customer. This happens often. Customers / investors when given the prospect by marketing, forex is profitable to exceed other investment instruments. Emerging forex stigma cheats.

Fourth, forex profit does not make sense. Something that is considered unreasonable or impossible, must be suspicious. But forex does provide High Return and should be wary of High Risk on the other side. High profit forex is able to attract people to jump into this business.

The above stigmas are not all. So our advice to you who want to jump into this forex business, study this business well by understanding the risks. Keep up with the article on this website, we are committed to provide comprehensive learning and analysis related to this forex business.


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