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Assessment Up to date: November 30, 2009

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Robominer is a forex robot trading network. This really works in principle using careful cash administration. It doesn’t matter how much it is value in historic work that varies. Forex traders who use this technique will never get the name margin. This was achieved by limiting the dimensions of investment contracts to a small part of the stability of justice.

Robot Shape: Grid Buy and sell Robots

Dealer Platform: Metatrader 4 (Works with the fourth and fifth decimal broker)
Test back and look ahead Generated: Alpari UK, FXDD, or other brokers.
Value: $ 497 (one-time fee) or a monthly subscription to $ 39.99 recurring
Refunds: No, this allows testing a demo by registering with their website before buying
Couples: AUD / NZD and EUR / CHF

1. Money Management

This differs in the way because cash administration is calculated by the stability problem in this technique. By default, each $ 4,000 in your fairness, forex robots will add a 0.01 amount (1 micro lot). If you have a $ 10,000 account dimension, you will start buying and selling with 2 micro-lots.

The concept for this technique no matter how much value, the dealer will never meet the name margin. This explains the very small contract dimensions traded.

You can determine the stability problem, but by going into how many greenbacks to many micro. That is, if you specify 3000, chances are that for every 3000, this technique will trade with 1 additional micro lot.

2. Withdrawal

The retested results confirm a maximum withdrawal of no more than 20% previously. Four years. Positions are entered only with a set range of income receipts. They will only be closed if the range of income they receive is reached.

Many drawdowns are a paper loss, which is misplaced only if the position is closed. Therefore, drawdowns recognized in this technique are usually not reliable. That’s because we can’t predict how much paper loss the system will produce during the opportunity. Namely when it has 10 trade openings that cannot be fixed for only a few months and are worthy of being dealt with with the potential to violate its historic extremes.

Trade Evaluation

Order Type = Market Order
Take Income = 40 pips (EUR / CHF)
Stop Loss = N / A (Buy and Sell Grid does not start with stop loss)

3. Ease of Use

Many parameters are defined in the guide provided. This technique offers a definite optimization stage. However, for individuals who have to deal first with a buying and selling robot box will really feel overwhelmed. Fortunately for this group of traders, you can only trade with the default conservative settings.

4. Sincere Consequences

There is not much to check between retest results and future examinations. A useful closed trade is the only result you can see. There may be additional floating income is best to take special consideration in the next assessment.

Replace: November 30, 2009

Our demo account is disabled by the dealer. This is because the EA miner robot hasn’t positioned any trades before 30 days. The information above is a new account and the latest files will likely be taken from here.

5. Different Options

Parameters for Taking Words (Optional)

Stability FactorFIFO (if NFA is set)
Stealth Mode
Inner Shut Permission (Can be activated to close the place earlier than the acceptance stage is fulfilled)
EmergencyCloseAllTrades (Only use this during an emergency when it is determined to change the dealer or approach the name margin)

6. Weakness (if any)

– No less than $ 10,000 must be invested

This technique should be traded with accounts greater than the US $ 10,000. More money invested in trading with this technique will increase the chance of achieving an annual return of 33% ROI.

– Choose a Broker that Provides Sheer Micro Piles

Choose a broker that allows buying and selling with micro-lots.

– Floating losses

Accrued positions can replicate huge losses of floating paper. One must have the ability to face paper losses because the system is proven to reject and cover them with income.

– Tough for Backtest

Producing 1 12 months backtest requires our workforce is greater than 1-2 hours. It takes a lot of pc resources and 1 backtest can only be completed at a time.

7. Support

Present a demo test before you buy. Assistance consists of discussion boards. Present quarterly updates.


We look ahead to buying and selling Eur / Chf with this technique. We chose Eur / Chf as an alternative to Aud / Nzd because Eur / CHF has an open decline from Aud / Nzd. This technique works very effectively for individuals who have a lump sum and are involved in picking up a large amount of danger and volatility for short periods of time on the market.

Responding to homeowners, they recognize that the technique will deliver at least 30% or more each year. Backtests confirm the previous three years that were introduced at a 30% general ROI every year. If confirmed correctly by continuing the check, this result beats inflation with a very large fat margin. And that is very good funding compared to what you find at the bank.

For traders with small start-up capital, it certainly cannot help using this technique. That’s because for someone to maximize the full potential of this technique, the customer must utilize it in the long run. And maybe start with a large amount of capital to reap complete rewards.

If used in the long run, this system will produce a small and constant income with minimal danger.



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