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I have personally been testing the Forex Funnel Expert Advisor for the past month on an Alpari MT4 Trading Platform. Following a slow but steady start it has now gone into overdrive.

It is an automated trading robot which can be installed into any MT4 Trading Platform and set to work within about 15 minutes of downloading it!

This Forex Expert Advisor works just with the USD/JPY Pair, which I personally love from a day trading point of view, but with the FX Funnel it works for me so that I don’t have to sit and watch a computer monitor all day! It monitors the market trend and then sets points at which it will enter the market by buying or selling the relevant currency. It automatically sets the “Take Profits” and “Stop Loss” points to make a reasonable profit on a regular basis.

The really clever bit which seems to have only recently started happening is that it will automatically adjust and recover any losing trades by placing a further trade in the same direction but at a higher “size”. This is difficult to explain without live trading examples, but essentially if the Forex Funnel placed a SELL trade, size 0.1 at 105.50, but the value increased to say 105.70, then the Expert Advisor would then make another SELL trade at size 0.2. It would automatically reset the take profits point of both open trades to say, 105.55 meaning that when the price recovered to 105.55, both trades would close out, the first making a small loss, but the second making twice the loss in profit due to “size” of the second trade.

Forex Funnel has made over 10% profit in the past 15 days, that figure is mind blowing considering the current economic climate. The real difference for the Forex Funnel over the other Forex Robots is that it trades on the USD/JPY pair which appears to offer a more cyclical trend, meaning you can make money on the way down, as well as on the way up!


About Author: Muh Ikhsan

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