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Recommended Best Forex Signal Application on Android


With the development of current technology, the ease of getting forex signals is also easier. You who use a smartphone can get forex signals through the forex signal provider application. The application can be downloaded at Google Store via your Android. But now there are quite a lot of forex signal provider apps, so you might be a little confused when making your choice. Well, here is a recommendation for the best forex signal application on Android that you can try.

Daily Forex Signal

Daily Forex Signal is a good forex signal application. This application is liked by many traders because of its simple and user-friendly appearance. Signals given in this application are free obtained from technical analysis considerations based on daily pivot breakpoints.

Although this application is simple, many traders claim to be quite satisfied with the performance of this application. Besides this forex signal application can also be used to study movements from charts. Daily Forex Signal can help users to pay attention to candle patterns that are often ignored by most traders.

Forex Signals & Analysis

When you type the keyword “We talk trader app” into the search group on the Google Play Store, the application that will appear first is Forex Signals & Analysis. The application was developed by Inside Globe Inc. This application has a 4-star rating and is one of the best forex signal applications recommended by the well-known site In this application, two signal options are available, which are free and paid

For beginners, the interface of the trading signal application is arguably quite friendly. A versatile trend meter menu is available and can be used to chat directly with the developer of this application. Also, notification of trading signals from this application is very active, especially within the first week after download.

The average user of this application provides an accuracy rating that reaches up to 80 percent. Even so after rather long use, there are users who complain if the accuracy is reduced, especially when there is big news. This could be the marketing strategy of the owner of this application so that users switch to premium or paid signals.

Market Trends

This application is a product of a trading software development company from the Czech Republic. Market Trends is an algorithmic trading signal platform that provides a variety of popular technical indicators. This application, gets a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Tore with user reviews that mostly show their satisfaction with this application.

Forex Signals & Forex Learning

This application includes the best forex signal provider application when viewed from the rating given by the user. This application has 4.8 stars out of around 1,700 users and the average user also expressed great satisfaction in their review. To get this signal application you only need to download it via the PlayStore on your Android.

Notifications provided by this application are very active. You will always be warned to always use the right money management. Besides, this application also provides various language options, including Indonesian. The stop loss and take profit levels are also available on charts so it is very illustrative.

Even so, this application is somewhat less consistent in providing signals for time frames in H1 and H4. When a trader follows an active buy instruction within that timeframe, after 10 minutes, the instruction or indicator will suddenly change to sell. To adjust its trading position due to changes in the signal, the trader must react quickly.

Live Forex Signals

Live Forex Signals is an application developed by Massy Art. This application is also one of the forex signal applications with a simple user interface. In this application available features such as free and updated daily live signals. The instruments in this application include major currencies and gold with a Risk / Reward ratio of 1: 2 to 1: 3 from an always-updated market report.

Signal accuracy provided by the user of this application reaches 90 percent. Even so, some complaint about the delay in catching the signal update and the absence of notifications from this application.

Of course, every application has advantages and disadvantages. As a trader who needs this application, you have to make choices according to your needs.

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