Forex signal 30 extreme mt5

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Forex signal 30 extreme mt5

The trading system with forex signal 30 extremes is currently using the latest version and we have developed it for the next version so that it can be used on MT5. Here is an article about successful traders.

Revealing 5 Billionaire Trader Secrets


Trading can be a way to make people successful and rich. However, they must know what the secret of the world’s billionaires can succeed in having such abundant wealth.

Trading can be a way to make people successful and rich. However, they must know what the secret of the world’s billionaires can succeed in having such abundant wealth. In addition to the mindset and high work ethic, also see some tips and secrets that should be explored by many of you who want to catch up to become a world billionaire trader.


The World-Class Billionaire Trader Has This Secret

1. Never Lose Money

If you enter the world of trading, you should know a world-class billionaire named Warren Buffet. He once said that the first rule of doing business is not to lose your money, and rule number two of doing business is never to forget rule number one.

This Warren Buffet statement has a very profound philosophy. Every business must spend funds, but how can we not lose money. What is meant by not losing money is not to let our business capital not return.

2. Minimize Risks

A professional trader, Marty Schwartz, revealed his secret in trading is to have a mindset for how a trader controls a decrease in profit, how to accept a loss, and how to minimize a loss.

In the world of trading, it is very clear when the market is not on our side as traders, or when the predictions we have calculated turn out to be off. The last step we take is how we minimize the losses we will get.

Do not let individual egoism make the loss you experience uncontrollable. Accepting a loss is a mental test that is tough for novice traders, especially those with limited capital. However, when you are in a business, there must be times when you experience a loss, which must be minimized.

3. Think for yourself

Warren Buffet once revealed a pattern of thinking in business. The way to become a rich person is to close the door, be afraid when many people are greedy, and be greedy when most people are afraid.

In this statement, Warren Buffet emphasizes the trading mindset where when many people are hunting for profits in the market, you as a trader do not rush into the market euphoria and go with the flow.

When trading, following market opinion makes it easier to find profits, but what is more profitable is when the position is stagnant and there are no statements that too influence the market. Here you as a trader can determine the direction of execution yourself.


4. Concentrate on one type of market

There are tons of individuals out there who know different kinds of market values ​​and how market patterns work. But only a handful of people can be successful in all fields. When you dive into forex and find a suitable pair, focus on that pair and learn its characteristics before adding positions to other pairs.


5. Be People Who Always Learn

In the world of trading, don’t ever think of being a hero and get carried away by your ego to achieve success. There are many people who are better than you, so always remember your limits and always learn new things from everything.

When you have realized and questioned your own abilities, then you will automatically increase your interest in learning more and more. This will make you more open to new insights from the world of trading.

Broadly speaking, there are no definite secrets to becoming a successful person in trading. Persistence, interest in learning, and also thoroughness are things that must be kept in mind so that you don’t take the wrong step and make your trading experience annoying.


Not only beginners, successful traders have experienced unpleasant trading experiences , you know! But they can get up and learn from these mistakes. 

About Author: Muh Ikhsan

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