Forex Guide for Beginners

Definition of Forex

The Foreign Exchange Market, Forex or FX, is the place to trade global currencies. With billions of currencies traded per day, the Forex market is the most dynamic and largest financial market in the world. The concept of Foreign Exchange is not difficult to understand. In a simple illustration, when you have a dollar and buy euros or a bank exchanges one million dollars to the Japanese yen, you are trading foreign exchange or transactions.

Market participants involved in FX trading can become individual traders who manage several thousand dollars or large companies that manage billions of dollars. The upside is that the forex market is open to anyone who has the courage to try. Forex does not choose rich or poor, scholars or not. You only need to learn some trading strategies and tips in order to survive.

The Forex market offers a great opportunity for all traders. Sometimes the Forex market is rated as the closest to the perfect market concept. Here, every trader, individual or company can trade using the same terms, information and time, the currency is very liquid, therefore you can always buy and sell currencies.

Online Forex Trader: New Force

The arrival of online trading gives way to a larger population entering the world of forex trading. Now, in just a few clicks, transactions can be completed, trading can be arranged. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a good trading platform and your device. There are many online brokerage companies that offer their services especially to new traders. That is, you can try strategies that you think can work without the risk of losing. Of course, even if you use a lot of virtual money, you cannot withdraw it from the account because the virtual money can only be used for training and education.

Make Money on Forex

However, the question now is how can you make money on Forex? It should be noted that in Forex, one currency is exchanged for another. Price of exchange is what we call the exchange rate. Exchange rates are the relative values ​​of one currency compared to other currencies. Exchange rates can also be a good indication of the economic situation because when a country’s economy strengthens, the value of its currency is higher than other currencies.

You can make money on Forex through the concept of spread. If you look at the platform, there are two prices in each currency pair. Ask prices, or prices where you can buy currencies, and bid prices are prices where you can sell. Ask prices are always more expensive than bid prices so brokers and traders can make money.

For example, you have 100 dollars and you can buy 100 euros. One euro Ask price is 0.5 $. Therefore, you buy 100 Euros for 50 dollars. One week later, you sell one Euro for 0.6 $. So you get 60% for the transaction, and therefore you profit 10 $.

Strategy is the Key There are several concepts that you will learn during your trading activities. Leverage is one example. Through the use of leverage, you can double your profit as well as your losses. You can also hedge your currency in an investment so that you are protected from losing money. With the correct market trend analysis and a good understanding of these concepts, you can trade smoothly and your income flows without any problems.

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