Foreign Exchange Trend Reactionary Numbers


What if you happen to had a forward-looking Indicator that helped you establish at what level the market was at, within the market’s total vary?

What if this indicator additionally helps you establish if the trend of currency would proceed?

Do you suppose that this indicator can be of considerable assistance in your trading?

You wager it might!

I want to introduce you to my Trend Reactionary Numbers. Also called TRNs.

Trend Reactionary Numbers are main turning factors in currency markets

Trend reactionary numbers are what the interior circle additionally dubbed the Magic numbers. I’ve developed these numbers over time by working a number of totally different Wave Programs. These are my variation of Elliot Wave with outlined factors. They’re primarily based on a Fibonacci Wave rely on that I developed and are very, very correct. These factors float and are all the time altering I reset them as quickly because the Market resets and provides me the signal that a wave pattern has completed. I do not manufacture these factors the Market does.

These factors are the Trump Card of the entire deck to coin a phrase. I’m all the time trying to work towards these factors and see how the market reacts to them. These factors are a forward-looking indicator. You may Trade these factors as stand alone as a very separate system.

Markets all the time transfer from Euphoria to Dysphoria (everything all the time strikes again to the Center, as I state in my guide.) I’ll Purchase these ranges as a Support with a 35 pip s/l, and in addition reverse in the event that they fail. I may even Sell these as resistance with a 35 pip s/l and reverse in the event that they fail.(That is the rule of thumb, each currency has its personal Harmonic wave, instance GBP is roughly 43 pips. Straightforward to seek out simply return and discover the Average True Vary for the final 20 days.)

So if we’re approaching a drawback Trend Reactionary Quantity I’ll purchase it, and see how the Market reacts, If I see it failing I’ll go short if the market breaks 35 pips under it. I look to go from one TRN to the opposite. Similar on the upside will Sell at a TRN and see if it holds if it breaks above will go long (reverse My place) Seeking to transfer to the subsequent Trend Reactionary Quantity.

Listed below are Some Trend Reactionary Numbers for the month of December 2010. (I plot these factors for all the foremost Online Currency Pairs and the Associated Crosses. Cross pairs reminiscent of GBP/YEN, GBP/NZD, EUR/YEN, EUR/GBP, AUD/YEN, AUDCAD, and so forth. They’re extraordinarily correct.)


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