Focus on the Forex Trading Process

Focus on the Forex Trading Process

There is a wise saying that life is a journey, the same thing can be applied in forex trading. In fact, this expression can help us to become successful forex traders. Of course if we interpret it correctly. Most of the forex traders are caught in a psychological trap. This causes them to be more concerned with the final results and not focus on the process.

Disappointed because forex trading also does not generate profits.

Forex Trading Process
Forex Trading Process

Often forex traders have to lose almost all of the results of the trading profits they get. Yes they lose little by little. They feel disappointed and frustrated because several times they failed to achieve what they really wanted. They fail to get consistent profits.

The reason for frustration is difficult to understand and explain unless you experience it yourself. Not a few forex traders are desperate and stop trading activities.

If you happen to experience the same thing, the only way you have to do is eliminate negative emotions. You must be able to focus on the process in forex trading, not on the final results.

Rise back after experiencing losses in forex trading.

The more you try hard to gain profits the more you lose a lot of money. This is a psychological trap.

If you are not interested in the process of forex trading. Or you can’t wait to follow the steps. You may be trapped in the end result that you expect, that is profit. This kind of mental attitude in forex trading is not very conducive, and sooner or later you will fail miserably.

Don’t focus on the end result.

Very focused on the final results will make over trading. Sometimes it is caused by a sense of “revenge” after experiencing losses. Or feeling euphoric after making a profit.

In reality the frequency of excessive trading is one of the causes of the collapse of Forex trading accounts. In addition, it causes a very high volume (lot size) to pursue large profits.

Don’t be greedy in trading forex …

Greed and fear are the causes of over-trading and high trading volume. It is caused by unrealistic expectations and undisciplined trading methods.

Forex trading is not an instant way to get big profits in a short time. This assumption is often shared by beginner traders.

If you can produce consistent profits, of course there is a cause. Sometimes it is because you are really interested in the challenges of trading. Or always want to get the best results.

A successful Forex trader.

Success in forex trading is a journey. This means that to get consistent profits you must focus on the process of trading. And focus not on the final results you expect.

If you are really interested in the process and change your goals. That is from ‘getting big profits’ to ‘becoming a qualified trader’. Then the ‘profit’ in forex trading will be realized as the final result. Conversely, focusing on the final results will make the forex trading habits wrong. So that it will eventually destroy your account.

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