Even though there are many benefits, here are 5 false assumptions about investment

Even though there are many benefits, here are 5 false assumptions about investment

Investment becomes a need that must be considered early. Yes, investment has many benefits for future life. Of course investment aims to save your finances so that life is more prosperous.

But unfortunately behind the benefits offered from investment, there are still many people who are skeptical and mistaken about investment. Here are the 5 false assumptions about investment that you must eliminate from your mind!

1. Investment Needs Big Money

Investment is often considered an expensive activity. This is because many people still think that investment requires a lot of money. Even though you don’t know!

This is what must be realized from the beginning. That investment is not only about millions to trillions of money. There are many types of investments that you can choose with not too large amounts of money.

For example, a gold investment starting from Rp. 500,000 per gram. You can also try a deposit which is a deposit product in a bank whose deposit or withdrawal can only be done at a certain time.

Or you can also try forex trading and stock trading. For forex trading the basic principle is that large profits can be achieved only if you succeed in making a purchase transaction at a low price and selling at a high price. While trading stocks is basically just trading shares where the price will change according to the market conditions and the company.

2. Investment only for the rich

It’s a big mistake if someone says investment is only for the rich. Investment can be for everyone! Provided that intention. That is to say, when you are investing intentions how many numbers you can.

After all there have been many investment choices that are friendly in the pocket.So everyone can really start investing. For example, if in the past people wanted to buy shares that cost IDR 50 per share, they needed capital of IDR 25,000, now only IDR 5,000. So if someone searches on Google the phrase “playing capital stock 1 million” is not true at all.

3. Tendential Investment

It must be realized from the beginning, that investment is like running a business.Then the potential profit and loss are commensurate. Success or failure depends on how you can manage it. Losses can be minimized with the right calculation.

How to? Yes, study! You can start learning from books about investments that have been widely sold in bookstores. You can also get online easily. One of them you can use a free ebook from the Portfolio that you can get on the Portfolio website.

4. Investment is a taboo thing

Feeling investment is a taboo thing to do because it is identical to ‘just in case’?Now it’s time you change the mindset. Planning for the future does not mean wanting bad things to happen in front.

No, this isn’t like insurance. Conversely, investment will lead your life to be better and more organized. For example, you plan to buy another house in two years. One step you can do is investing. Whether it’s a choice of deposits, gold, or trading. All according to your abilities and needs. That way you can better prepare for your future.

5. Identical to bankruptcy

Investment risk will certainly be proportional to the profit opportunities. Not a few people are horrified to hear stories of bankrupt people because of wrong investment. But this can actually be anticipated effectively. So, don’t risk all your property for investment. Start investing carefully and first calculate the maximum loss that you can bear. With a small deposit number, you can have your favorite type of investment. Besides learning and asking about the risks of each investment that you live to the right people can help your investment decisions.

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